Shop for School Supplies With the Same Budget After Price Increases

Schools are about to start, and it’s time to stock up on your kids’ school supplies for the whole year. This is becoming increasingly important as the school supply list concept has spread to schools for children and teens in recent years.

While prices are rising worldwide, the school supply list is becoming more complex and expensive. Many families have severely impacted their back-to-school budgets. They cannot afford back-to-school shopping due to inflation. However, even after the price increase, you can still get school supplies for the same regular budget, so how can you do that?

Download Yajny’s app and get cashback for all your online purchases.

  • Take advantage of the cashback offer for all your purchases.

The first step toward saving money on school supplies is to download Yajny’s app, which offers cashback on all purchases made at the most popular stores and online shopping platforms.

Yajny offers a free cashback service; download and register with Yajny’s app to receive a cashback for a predetermined percentage of the purchase price of all school supplies from the available stores on Yajny.

  • Don’t miss out on the shopping platform offers.

Shopping platforms compete to attract many shoppers in the back-to-school season by offering many savings offers and discounts on school supplies.

Compare the prices of school supplies you need in different stores and shopping platforms, and get the best deals from your favorite store, but before you shop, make sure that this store is on the Yajny app to benefit from the cashback.

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  • Early birds get the best deals.

Last-minute deals are great, but buying early also ensures you explore all the deals available, gives you time to check, compare and buy whatever’s suitable for you and your kids, and keeps your kids excited for back to school.

  • Purchase one item at a time.

You can also benefit from the shopping style that relies on compiling a list of school supplies at regular intervals. This shopping method relies on monitoring the prices and purchase offers long enough before you start shopping and then purchasing only one item at a time when you find a deal you can’t miss.

This shopping style is appropriate for more extensive and expensive school items, such as backpacks or calculators, which are more costly than smaller school supply list items.

  • Shop in bulk with friends

Involve your friends, neighbors, or parents of your children’s friends in buying school supplies that you can buy in bulk to make the most of the low prices of those large quantities, which you can easily find in online stores on Yajny.

Explore items that save money when you buy them in bulk, like pens, paints, and sanitizing wipes, frequently found on all school supplies lists. You can also connect with your children’s classmates’ parents through social media groups to settle on items that everyone is in demand. Take advantage of the “Refer and Earn” feature by Yajny, through which you can recommend Yajny’s saving services to your friends, and in return, you will get a reward. Withdraw the invite bonus when your invited friend confirms at least one request with earn.

  • Don’t stray from the school supplies list.

Follow the school supplies list carefully, and don’t shop for out-of-the-box items when your children start school. Committing to buying school supply list items ensures that you don’t waste your money on unwanted items at the beginning of the school year, and you’ll increase the amount of money you save and stay out of your budget deficit.

Postpone the products your kids want for luxury later, and sooner or later, their time will come during the school year. When you buy your children the things they want at a later stage, it is a reward for them, and you remove the need to buy them at present in a hurry and at an expensive price. Most of these items are will be untouched throughout the year and remain unused for most study periods.

  • Check last year’s school supplies list

You can always find leftovers from previous years that can be reused, so look through the last year’s school supplies list and use what works for your kids, whether it’s clothes, stationery, or a lunch box, to save money with this move.

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  • Purchase high-quality materials.

Parents recommend investing in quality goods lasting for two or three years. In this case, you will be saving in the long run.

You can repurpose well-made items, such as sturdy neutral-colored backpacks, and decorate those bags with your children using paint and stickers to make them look brand new.

  • Leave kids at home while shopping for school supplies.

Many parents believe that taking their children shopping for school supplies involves them in the shopping process, which increases their happiness and allows them to share happy moments with their parents. While this is true, taking children shopping leads to purchasing many unuseful items. Children insist on purchasing valuable items simply because they are brightly colored or because other children have them.

Leaving children at home during shopping increases the likelihood that parents will focus solely on school-to-do list items, ignoring other unhelpful things.

Now it’s time to shop the list of school supplies for your children, with the same budget you set before, despite the increase in prices, without feeling short of meeting your children’s requirements or not buying some items due to their high cost. Download Yajny’s app from here.

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