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Enjoy Ounass’ latest offers for Fall/Winter 2020

And save up even more through Yajny with the exclusive Ounass cashback & coupon code!

With the launch of the latest luxury fashion every season with its new trends, it may be a tiring task to search for and find the best in the markets at prices that suit your budget while at the same time reflects your tastes and personal style.

For example, if you are looking for the perfect piece that will work with you over time, enhancing your current wardrobe, this requires a distinct sense of eclecticism, and some passionate fashionistas keep up with the latest new releases by keeping track of all the offers, discounts, and deals that make trendy and luxury fashion more affordable.

Well, with Yajny, you too can be one of those passionate fashionistas, and easily. Yajny website offers discounts through cashback and discount coupons, or as some call it, purchase vouchers or discount codes, if you want to have a window overlooking all latest in fashion and the hottest offers that go along with it, then look no further, Yajny has answered your prayers.

Our team of fashion experts in Yajny advises you to shop from one of the best luxury online shopping destinations in the region for a comprehensive collection of the best fall/winter 2020 pieces, the one and only face of luxury fashion, Ounass.

In Ounass, there are dozens of styles and types of fashions to choose from, and we guarantee that you will find what you will love, and with our help, you can find it a lot cheaper.

In order to start your shopping journey, we offer you our exclusive benefits through Yajny.com, which are offered through the exclusive Ounass Cashback and the exclusive Ounass coupon code which are available only on our website. But first, what is cashback service, and what the discount coupons then?

Well, cashback is an exclusive promotional service provided by the Ounass store in cooperation with the Yajny platform, in which an amount is deducted from the purchase value that you made in the shopping process so that this deducted financial value is deposited back later in your account so you can withdraw it later and re-use it freely.

As for the discount coupon, it is basically an exclusive discount code included with the discount coupon on Yajny’s store pages. Using it during the shopping process from the desired store gets you a percentage discount on the total of your purchase, this discount is effective even on the products that are on sale by the store itself, meaning that with Yajny, instead of one discount, you get two.

In this article, we present to you the best offers of the Ounass brand with picks for the best discounts offered for the fall/winter season of 2020.

1. A Black Animal-Print Mini Dress – NANUSHKA

Source: ounass.ae

This elegant piece is currently 70% off, available for 450 AED instead of 1500 AED. With the Ounass discount coupons and cashback service, you can get it even cheaper.

2. Pink Weekend Cashmere Sweater – Vince

Source: ounass.ae

This weekend cashmere sweater is now being sold for 500 AED instead of 1250 AED with a 60% discount. If you buy it through Yajny.com, you can save more by taking advantage of Yajny’s Ounass cashback and discount coupons.

3. Pink Embroided Long Dress – Homa Q

Source: ounass.ae

This elegant dress is now 40% off on Ounass.com, offered at the price of 1650 AED instead of 2750 AED. With both of Ounass’ cashback deal and discount coupon code, you can get it even cheaper, all you have to do is shop from Ounass.ae through Yajny.com.

4. Long Black Cotton Shirt – NANUSHKA

Source: Ounass.ae

This comfy number is up for a 40% discount right now, meaning you can buy it for 1200 AED instead of 2000 AED. Add that to the discount you’ll get with the Ounass discount coupon code and cashback deal, and you’ll get it cheaper than you could ever dream.

5. Long Boho Embroided Dress  – VARQ By VARUN NIDHIKA

Source: ounass.ae

This trendy and timeless dress is now available on Ounass.ae at 1560 AED instead of 2600 AED with a 40% discount. If you shop this look using the Ounass coupon code and cashback deal which are available on Yajny, you will get to save even more.

Note: The Exclusive Ounass cashback offers you an effective cashback of 3.50% on all your purchases, while the exclusive Ounass coupon code grants you a 3.50% discount off of your purchases from the store. And both services are effective on all pieces that are already on sale by the Ounass store itself!

We hope that our selection of Ounass pieces, with special discounts, was to your liking. Happy Winter Shopping, Everyone!

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