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10 Simple Tips to Motivate your Child to Love Reading and Studying

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Before we get to our tips on how to motivate your child to read and learn, let’s take a quick survey; To which group does your child belong?

  • They love to read!
  • Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t.
  • Really hates reading.

Our goal – as we think yours is – is to get your child into the first category.

But what can you do if your child is not motivated to read?

In fact, there is a lot you can do to encourage a love of reading, but first, let’s do some police work.

Why doesn’t your child like reading?

Before you motivate your child, it helps to understand why they are demotivated in the first place. Let’s break down the scenarios that can make your child hate reading?

“Reading is difficult!”

Probably not many will choose hard work as a leisure activity, and this is true for your child, too. If reading is difficult for them in the first place, he or she will probably not find it enjoyable or fun.

If your child finds reading difficult, take a look at why this is. Do they have problems with speech and reading fluency, or do they have gaps in his knowledge of the phonological reflection of the readable material? They may be struggling because they don’t know some words or have not developed strong vocabulary skills. They may be suffering from dyslexia or another educational challenge or speech impairment. But whatever the reason, if your child feels that reading requires a lot of work, start by identifying and addressing their weaknesses first so that you can help them conquer it, and as he becomes a better reader, he will take more joy in the process of reading.

“Reading is boring”

For some kids, reading isn’t difficult, but it isn’t fun either. This is because they may not have found the reading material that motivated them.

Think about what your child would like to do. Do they have a hobby or an area of special interest? Does your kid love dinosaurs? Does your daughter like gymnastics? By finding reading material that sparks their interest and draws them into reading, you are giving your children a motivational boost.

10 tips to motivate your child to read

1. Make time for reading

If your child’s schedule is crowded and reading alternates between gymnastics and playing team games, reading may seem like an unwelcome chore. Let reading be a relaxing, enjoyable, and stress-free time.

2. Make time to read aloud with your children on a regular basis

Choose a variety of high-quality literature to suit your child’s age and interests. Audiobooks are another great option for a reader who gets bored or hesitated a lot before reading. Don’t hold back when your children get older – no one is too old to learn by listening to an audiobook.

3. Ensure that the reading materials do not exceed your child’s cognitive abilities

Interest may be there, but if the content of the book is too difficult to read, then your child’s motivation will be diminished.

4. Create a cozy reading corner

A private reading space may be all the encouragement your child needs to settle down and spend time with a good book!

5. Find a variety of reading materials

Children are often drawn to fiction books in the library but don’t stop there. There are many other genres to consider: joke books, cookbooks, guidebooks, graphic novels, and biographies are all non-fiction and interesting material. Kids’ magazines can also be a great way out of the box to encourage a child to read.

6. Try to read aloud with a struggling reader

Reading companionship can help improve a child’s fluency and make them feel more comfortable than reading on their own.

7. Have an older child read easy picture books intended for little siblings

This provides excellent training, and at the same time, the child feels that there is no work involved.

8. Let humor work its magic!

Select a funny book on your child’s reading level and read the first chapter aloud, then stop reading. If your child wants to know what will happen next, he will have to read it on his own!

9. Show your love for reading

When your children notice that you love reading, they are more likely to develop a love of reading on their own.

10. Provide easy access to books

Use your public library. Create a home library. Have books within easy reach. When your child decides they want to read, you want to make sure they have a book on hand.

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If you have any other cool tips on how to motivate our little ones to read more, please feel free to share them with us in the comments sections below so we can spread the good word among other struggling parents through our platform!

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