5 Trends to Avoid the “Mediocre” Appearance in Sahel

“Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand be your seat.” This awaits you every year on the North Coast, one of the most popular summer travel destinations in Egypt, where vacationers enjoy many recreational activities, nightlife, and attractive beaches.

If you choose the North Coast for your next vacation in the summer of 2022, you must realize that this destination has a distinctive nature and a unique appearance. Here are some tips to avoid the ordinary impression in one of the most famous and best travel destinations in Egypt, according to the latest fashion trends.

  • White Is the King

The presence of white clothes in your travel bag for the North Coast has turned from an optional thing to an essential matter. In addition to its importance to resist the sun’s heat, many shows require entry in white only, the most important of which are Amr Diab and Ruby’s concerts this year.

You can be inspired by the style of your clothes from this video that the megastar Amr Diab published on his official Instagram account for his latest concert in New Alamein.


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A post shared by Amr Diab (@amrdiab)

And to stand out among your peers, wear colorful accessories along with the white piece of clothing you wear in Sahel. Wear a modern wristwatch with attractive summer colors or one of those rings that are back to being among 2022 trends, and make sure that the accessory you wear in your hand is simple and small and its colors are attractive and not dark. White clothes will never go out of your summer must-wear list, and you should always choose the accessories that go with them.

  • Hadia Ghaleb’s Modest Swimwear Brand

Hadia Ghaleb, an Egyptian influencer, took advantage of the gap between the styles of bikini and burkini and introduced a new swimwear with cheerful colors that suit those who love modest summer clothes and even developed that Hadia Ghaleb’s swimwear is the most popular even among those who love bikini.


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A post shared by Hadia Ghaleb (@hadiaghaleb)

You can get Hadia Ghaleb’s swimwear and shoot a TikTok video or an Instagram Reel inside the brand moving bus that roams the North Coast, whose colors are similar to the colors of the new swimwear. Summer in Sahel is about trendy swimwear, TikTok videos, and joy.


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A post shared by Hadia Ghaleb (@hadiaghaleb)

  • Men’s Slim-Fit Swim Shorts

Slim-fit is the latest trend in men’s swimwear for 2022 summer on the North Coast. You can notice this type of men’s swimwear spread among the most famous artists in Egypt this summer, including Khaled Selim, who appeared in this swimwear, which won his followers’ admiration.

The men’s slim-fit swimwear covers the body without being too tight, but it will not be like a regular loose fit, and this new trend is sure to suit those with a muscular physique. Here are some tips that will help you lose weight after Ramadan and Eid in 7 simple steps.

  • Beach Workout

Going for summer vacation is no longer associated with relaxation and eating all kinds of foods without maintaining appearance and weight. This was evident in the spread of exercising on the beach in Sahel this summer. Among the artists keen to show this aspect to the public was Menna Shalaby in her latest posts.


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You can always see someone running on the beach in Sahel, or a group doing yoga on the sand, so bring your sports clothes as one of the beach vacation essentials.

  • Special Items ≠ High Prices

Having all these high-quality items, which make you unique on the North Coast, is no longer associated with high prices! A new consumption pattern has spread among those who spend their summer vacations in Sahel, which is to buy everything they need online using exceptional saving services, the most important of which is cashback.

You can simply discover the top stores on Yajny, the super saving app, to benefit from the app’s cashback offers for all these stores’ products and services.

What are you waiting for? Prepare your next summer vacation bag to Sahel, get ready to spend a fun time in the sea, have a distinctive and outstanding look among all your peers, and don’t forget to follow all of Yajny’s accounts on social media to know the latest savings offers for everything you want to shop online.

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