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3 Free Yajny’s Exclusive Black Friday Deals for More Saving

Amazon cashback, Noon discount codes, and Jumia coupon codes from Yajny

If you enjoy shopping during the Black Friday season, you will know how to identify profitable deals from those not worth your time. You can save twice as much on your regular online purchases by using the free Yajny app as an intermediary, so it’s no surprise that Yajny’s unique Black Friday offers 2022 are among the year’s best deals.

In association with Amazon, Jumia, and Noon, three of the best online marketplaces, Yajny app has secured a collection of unique and exclusive discounts and cashback offers for its users. Get Yajny app from this link, and then take advantage of the best exclusive deals it offers.

20% Amazon Cashback on Fashion From Yajny on Black Friday 2022

The first exclusive Black Friday 2022 offer from Yajny is that all users will receive 20% cashback on fashion purchases on the popular Amazon marketplace only on November 12th.

What is Cashback? It’s to get a percentage of the purchase value back to your e-wallet on Yajny app. Find out more here.

Getting 20% Amazon cashback will ensure a considerable percentage of the shopping price when you buy the proper pieces of winter clothing. Thus your wallet balance will be more profitable than before, and you can later withdraw or reuse this cashback in future purchases.

To get 20% Amazon cashback on clothing on November 12th, download Yajny app from here, create an account on Yajny, search for Amazon store, and begin the purchasing process easily.

Amazon cashback from Yajny

10% Jumia Discount Code From Yajny on Black Friday 2022

If you want to buy anything from the Jumia platform, which offers a wide variety of products, take advantage of the unique and exclusive Jumia discount codes for Yajny app throughout November on Black Friday 2022 to get an instant promo code of 10%.

Do you want to apply exclusive Jumia discount codes? Copy Jumia coupon code and copy it into the Jumia payment page when completing the purchase process, and here are the essential Jumia discount codes from Yajny app.

  • Up to 10% off on all orders with Jumia discount code A-BF-yajny14afb5
  • Get 10% on all large appliances with Jumia coupon code A-BF-yajnya4c1d3
  • Over 250EGP off on health & beauty products with Jumia discount code A-BF-yajny39a563
  • Get 10% off on PlayStation with Jumia discount code A-BF-yajny5cdc4d
  • Get up to 10% off on baby products with Jumia discount code A-BF-yajny2b1316
  • Up to 10% off on all phones & tablets with Jumia discount code A-BF-yajny83177b

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Jumia discount codes from Yajny

10% Noon Discount Code on Black Friday 2022 From Yajny

The third exclusive Black Friday 2022 offer obtained via Yajny app is Noon coupon codes that provide an instant 10% discount on Noon platform purchases made through Yajny app.

To use the Noon discount coupon, you must use the same approach described in the previous paragraph for applying promo codes. Copy Noon discount code, then paste it into Noon platform’s payment page after finishing shopping, and below are the essential Noon discount codes from Yajny app.

  • Save 10% off everything with Noon coupon code from Yajny BX99
  • Save 10% OFF on all orders with Noon discount code from Yajny BT22 
  • Save an extra 10% OFF on Everything with Noon Coupon Code from Yajny BX114
  • Save an extra 10% OFF on Everything with Noon Voucher Code from Yajny BX115
  • Save an extra 10% OFF on Everything with Noon Promo Code from Yajny BX116
Noon discount codes from Yajny

Don’t miss the other Yajny’s Black Friday 2022 deals

Yajny app provides access to cashback or discount codes for more than 600 online stores and shopping platforms, in addition to Amazon, Jumia, and Noon’s exclusive savings offers. This article details the Black Friday offers 2022 and how to earn extra cashback.

Are you looking to save more money when making online purchases and receiving free Yajny services? To start winning free shopping rewards from Yajny, download the Yajny app from here, create an account (which takes less than a minute) and start using the app.





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