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8 Non-Cliché Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2021

Whatever her role in your life, a woman adds love, care, attention to your days. Whether she is your mother, friend, sister, or wife, she is sure to try her best to make your life warmer. To celebrate their contribution to our lives and to bring everyone’s attention to women’s rights around the world, International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world.

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International Women’s Day 2021 comes on March 8th and despite the different circumstances this year, it is still a day to celebrate women and their accomplishments all over the world, and to raise awareness of their most important rights and issues.

On this day, don’t just send forwarded messages to your female friends and family members, instead, you can plan something fun and joyful for all the ladies who play pivotal roles in your life. And for this, we gathered eight simple ways for you to celebrate International Women’s Day in different ways.

  • Run a lunch catchup to celebrate the day

Lunch is always a great way to gather up and bond, so why not take the time to get everyone to share their stories about the most inspiring women in their lives, or the most famous female public figures they look up to?

It would also be a good idea to take the time to thank the women in your team/organization for their efforts and hard work, as this small gesture will contribute to a spirit of appreciation for women in the workplace.

  • Organize a movie marathon for women-led films

Who doesn’t like watching movies with strong women leads? Sometimes all you need is a touching scene to discover yourself, whether this film focuses on questioning women’s social traditional roles like Mona Lisa Smile, or on the journey of finding strength and self-esteem like Fried Green Tomatoes, or seeks to confirm that women can support each other in overcoming problems and challenges like Steel Magnolias, hosting a watch party for inspiring movies will definitely be a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

  • Raise funds for a women’s charity

One of the best ways to celebrate this day may be to participate in an activity to raise funds for charitable work concerned with dealing with women’s issues and seeking to support them in all fields, especially education and health.

  • Acknowledge the efforts made by the strong women in your life

Sometimes simple words of encouragement and love can go a long way in raising someone’s spirits and inspiring them to continue. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, or friend, send a text message or warm call to let them know how much you appreciate their great efforts and their impact on your life.

  • Support women returning to work

The reasons for which a working woman may obtain a long leave are numerous; such as motherhood, caring for a loved one, illness or many other causes. Whatever the reason for the leave, returning to work can be a difficult thing. Has the market changed? Is returning now a correct decision? Am I ready? Can I still do my job efficiently? All of these questions will even make it harder.

On International Women’s Day, try to offer your support to any woman who has these doubts, talk to her and reassure her that society needs her contributions, and that her experience is valuable.

  • Show your support for women-owned small businesses

We all know that it is not easy to start or own a business, but today, many women break this stereotype and start their own businesses.

On International Women’s Day, show your support for companies and projects owned by women, albeit by commending them and acknowledging their success.

  • Plan a nice dinner party at home for the ladies

If you want to make the day of your mother, sister and wife special, plan a nice dinner at home and prepare their favorite dishes. You can also order their favorite meals and make buckets full of popcorn and order bottles of cold drinks.

  • Go out shopping with your girls

If you haven’t stepped out in ages and want to see your girls, you can go on a shopping spree with your sister / female friend, and take advantage of discounts and specials for Women’s Day.

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