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5 Unique Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

If you are a mom, look away! This article is not for you, as this article provides 5 creative Mother’s Day Craft Ideas that fathers and kids can handcraft with ease.

There are many occasions that make us start searching for a unique, nice gift that carries a warm message to others, and one of these occasions is Mother’s Day, where every kid wants to surprise mother with a one-of-a-kind gift, and expresses their love and gratitude for her presence.

Therefore, many people choose making a handcrafted gift that gives the mother a feeling of uniqueness and that she is a special person for her children. That’s why when you start thinking and searching for the perfect gift, you should stay away from old-fashioned gifts and repeated ideas.

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Have no fear, we have rounded up a list of the best handmade Mother’s Day gifts that you can choose from. Some of these ideas are easier, and some will take more time, but we guarantee that mom will certainly love any one of these wonderful DIY gifts.

Crayon Candle

We finally found a great use for old crayons, where you can help your little ones follow simple steps to make a colorful candle as a simple and warm Mother’s Day gift.

  • Start by helping your child break each crayon color into small pieces, add them to some raw wax in separate paper cups, then stir them well.
  • Put the first color in the microwave for two minutes, then add drops of the essential oils that mom prefers to get a wonderful smell.
  • Pour the color into a glass cup and let it cool for 20-30 minutes.
  • Repeat the previous process with other colors and place them on top of the first color to get a cheery multi-colored candle.

Handmade Flower Bouquet

Flowers are a special gift that people, especially women, cherish on all occasions.

Flowers can be purchased at flower shops or even collected from home gardens, yet it will always be a nice gesture if you help your children to arrange a special flower bouquet as a gift for Mother’s Day.

  • Choose her favorite flowers, then prepare wrapping paper and cut it to be suitable for the size of the flowers.
  • Place the flowers on wrapping paper and fold it around them.
  • Finally, wrap the bouquet with a unique colored ribbon.

Baby Footprint Artwork

This is one of the most wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for newborn mothers, as this artwork will always be a nice memory for both mother and child after some years. All you need to make this gift is a paper, colors, and a baby’s foot.

Handmade Cards

All children love their mothers, and would like to express their feelings to them in a nice way, so many children will find that this idea will help them express their love to their mom in particular, especially on a special day such as Mother’s Day.

These easy-to-make cards can be decorated with colorful paintings along with some sincere words of thanks and gratitude for all the sacrifices that mom has done.

Dashes and Dots DIY Floral Mug

You can present this gift to your mother if she loves hot drinks like coffee and tea. You can color a cup of coffee with your own cute drawings and her favorite colors to make an innovative gift from it.

This gift is a perfect proof that you don’t need to be a great artist to make something pretty, you can just decorate this mug with some dashes and dots and the end result will look like a professional did it.

We hope our list gave you some good ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that you can make yourself or help your kids make. If you still can’t make up your mind, pick two!

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What other kind of Mother’s Day gifts did your kids make for Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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