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How Motherhood Changes Your Shopping Behaviour

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we all realize how difficult it can be to become a mother, as motherhood is one of the biggest and most intimidating decisions a woman makes in her life. Having a baby changes your priorities in almost everything, from sleep, how you dress to even the way you shop.

In this article we tell you some of the most common changes in every woman’s shopping behaviour after becoming a mother.

  • Shopping Realistically

Mothers tell us about the difference between their shopping behaviour before and after being mothers. Before being mothers most women used to shop more freely, they would shop with aspiration: buying a lot of healthy foods in the hopes of cooking fine meals, making nice juices, and trying new recipes. But after being mothers, there was no longer time to cook for hours or read cookbooks or search for healthy snack recipes. Although many mothers try to eat healthy food, after childbirth, the shopping process is limited to easy and quick meals such as soup cans, rice bags and pasta that can be easily cooked in the microwave in just two minutes. Realism is the key.

  • Doing Research About Products

Maternity responsibilities make you a more careful woman, as you strive hard to buy the best products for your children. A mother says: “Now that I have a kid, I always find myself using my phone to get information about different products while shopping, I search for product reviews, I send a text message to my friends to ask them what they think about some products, and I use Google search much”.

  • Returning Products You Don’t Need

A mother tells us: “Before I had children, I had a lot of things that I did not need in my house, things that were useless, and I was completely reconciled with this. I used to buy useless things knowing very well that I’ll not need them at all. Now I follow a wonderful strategy called “returning stuff”, so if I come home from the store after I have bought a certain product and realize that we already have this product at home, I will return it the next time I go to the store. If I get a shirt larger than my size as a gift on my birthday, I will not save it for the future in case I gain weight, I ask for the gift receipt and return it and I am not ashamed of that. ”

  • I “Come Back Later” to the store

When I used to grocery shop before I had children, I would try to get it all done in the fastest way by buying everything I needed at once, to end up buying things that were too expensive or not exactly what I was looking for just so I avoid going to the store again later to search for a better product or a less price.

Now that I have children, I know that no matter how much I think I have bought all of my needs, I will soon return to the store to buy something that I have forgotten or have suddenly discovered that I need.

Although it sounds stressful, it helped me shop smarter, knowing that I will be back in the store next week means that I will not end up buying things that are too expensive or not exactly what I am looking for at the moment out of avoiding going to the store once again.

  • Using Coupons And Cashback Offers

We know how “cliché” mums looking for all ways to save can be, but once you’re a mom you’ll know how sometimes the budget will force you to do so. A mom tells us: “Before I shop, I always go to websites that offer instant discount coupons and cashback services so that I can ensure that all my needs and home necessities are purchased at the most budget-friendly prices. I look for the latest discount codes from stores before I shop from them so that I can get additional discounts while I shop because if a little searching for coupons could save me a 50% off, I would definitely use the coupon.”

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Tell us in the comments about the changes you have noticed in your shopping behaviour after becoming a mom!

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