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Top 7 Differences Between Cashback and Coupons for a Better Shopping Experience

Cashback vs. Coupons. Which Is Better?

The difference between cashback and discount coupons (or discount codes) is one of the most frequently asked questions among shoppers through online stores and online shopping platforms in recent years, especially with the spread of the concept of cashback and many stores and service providers resorting to it to promote their products and services, in addition to the confusion among shoppers that the concept of cashback and discount coupons has been associated with.

In this article, we will explain the differences between cashback and discount coupons so that you can understand all aspects of the promotional offers that stores and shopping platforms provide and which one is best for you, as well as which offer you should not pass up to save money in the short or long term.

Online shopping
Online shopping

There are 7 differences between cashback and discount coupons

The concept

The main difference between cashback and discount coupons is that the coupon involves a rapid price reduction in advance. In contrast, cashback involves a percentage of the shopping price returned to the shopper later.

For example, if the store gives you a 10% discount coupon on a $100 product, you will spend only $90 to get this product; however, if the offer is a 10% cashback on the same product, you will pay the total of $100 and then receive $10 cashback after you complete your purchase.

Discount Coupon
Discount Coupon

The services provider

After learning the fundamental difference between cashback and discounts, which is the immediate discount versus subsequent cashback, you may wonder, “How do I benefit from the cashback later?” To answer this question, we must determine who the cashback or discount coupon service providers are.

Discount coupons can be obtained from online stores, online shopping platforms, or through intermediary apps between the customer and stores; these apps provide special savings offers based on a partnership between them and the stores. You can also obtain discount coupons from influencers via social media platforms. 

These entities will provide you with a discount code consisting of several letters, numbers, or combinations. You must copy the discount code and paste it into the space designated for discount coupons on the store’s payment page or online shopping platform. The discount will be applied immediately as a result of this step.

The cashback offer can be obtained through online stores or online shopping platforms. And if you obtain the cashback, the percentage will be refunded to your account or e-wallet on these shopping sites, allowing you to use this money in future shopping operations.

You can also get cashback offers from intermediary shopping apps that connect shoppers, stores, and shopping platforms. In this case, these apps form partnerships with various stores and online shopping sites, allowing you to shop for everything you want from these stores and sites from a single source, the app. 

The cashback percentages from your shopping operations are returned to your account or e-wallet on the app. You can withdraw the amount owed to you in cash by bank transfer or transfer to any of your e-wallets or via Paypal or any other money transfer service.

You can also get cashback offers from banks by paying for orders with bank cards in stores and on shopping platforms, and in return, the bank will return the percentage of cashback to your bank account directly.


The percentage

There are no significant differences in discount coupons and cashback percentages. If you find a discount coupon rate higher than the cashback percentage for specific products or services, you will find a higher percentage of cashback on other products and services.

Coupon persentage
Coupon persentage

The limits

As previously stated, discount coupons and cashback percentages are almost convergent. Still, another factor that differs in this comparison is the limits of discount coupons. When a discount coupon is presented to you, the merchant usually limits it to a certain amount that does not exceed it, unlike cashback, which has no limits in specific apps such as Yajny.

Cashback has no limits
Cashback has no limits

Stability and change

The cashback is a service provided automatically by the merchant and does not depend on a specific code you enter. The percentage of the discount coupon is frequently fixed, and if the merchant wishes to change it, a new discount coupon will be created. The cashback percentage can be changed at any time and increased during peak shopping and well-known discount seasons.

Cashback offers
Cashback offers


Discount coupons have an expiration date after which your benefit from the coupon expires, or the validity of the coupon is limited to one shopping order or one person, depending on the validity of the discount coupon.

While cashback is still being used more frequently for a more significant number of orders and more than once for the same person.

Cashback for all your orders
Cashback for all your orders


Of course, discount coupons were the most common in the past because they provided an immediate discount. Still, for all of the preceding reasons, the concept of cashback has grown in popularity among product and service providers and shoppers. The most significant reliance on cashback has become to provide actual savings offers to shoppers.

The difference between cashback and discount coupons can be summarized as follows.

The comparison Cashback Discount coupon
The concept Subsequent savings Instant savings
The services provider Online stores.

Online shopping platforms.

Intermediate apps.


Online stores.

Online shopping platforms.

Intermediate apps.

Influencers on social media

The percentage There is not much difference
The limits Has no limits Has limits
Stability and change Variable Fixed
Validity No expiration date or usage restrictions Has an expiration date or usage restrictions
Popularity Most prevalent now Most prevalent in the past

Have you decided to rely on cashback offers rather than discount coupons? Well, download the Yajny app, which relies on providing cashback offers to all online shoppers, and the main advantage of the Yajny app is that it combines discount coupons and cashback deals, as well as you can shop through it in many famous stores, giving you an integrated shopping experience in just one place.

Yajny cashback offers
Yajny cashback offers

The benefits of using the Yajny app for online shopping are numerous.

  • Over 500 partner stores.
  • A wide range of stores and service providers in all categories.
  • Exceptional and exclusive cashback offers with partner stores.
  • Double or triple cashback percentages during the famous sales and shopping seasons.
  • Throughout the year, there are considerable cashback percentages.
  • Yajny cashback has no limits, whether benefiting from its total percentage or unlimited orders for the same person.
  • Yajny combines the cashback offer and discount coupons for some stores simultaneously.
  • The ability to withdraw the cashback amount after completing the first cashback request.
  • Cashback has no expiration date and no restrictions.
  • Extra rewards when you follow Yajny on social media.
  • Continuous rewards when referring friends to use the Yajny app.

Download the Yajny app from here, and start your savings journey every time you shop through it.



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