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Need a last-minute gift? Here is where to find it!

Noon & Souq has got you covered!

Special and public events come almost all year round, and they are great opportunities to gift your loved ones and those you care about with special gifts that express your feelings and appreciation for their presence in your life, sometimes occasions come and the time has passed until the last minute and you still want to buy a gift that dazzles your family and friends, but you do not have to worry There are lots of good last-minute gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones. In this article, we offer you gifts for the last minute from the Noon and Souq stores, where you can always find something suitable depending on your budget, whether it is a birthday gift, wedding day or any other occasion. We share last-minute gift ideas that will give you inspiration and guidance.

When selecting your gifts, think about the holdings that will be most appreciated and useful to those who give them, and do not forget if you are looking for last-minute gifts pair them with a distinctive greeting card!


The perfume is a great value gift for your loved ones, whether it is for men or women, noon perfumes and a very distinctive market, and it gives an elegant touch to the view that you will enjoy from gifting to it, the perfumes express the sophistication and they are present in the market of Noon from the latest brands and international brands and its luxury and economic level.

Choose perfumes with a touch that touches their fragrant or light fragrant touches, and choose from your preferences Arabic perfumes such as Oud, Amber, or Western perfumes of different brands.

Noon perfumes and souq vary according to your budget, there is a wide range of products that meet the capabilities of your money portfolio.

Shop Noon perfumes and souks and dispense with the confusion in buying gifts of perfumes, so both sites offer perfumes with price, description, and brand. The fragrance is a wonderful last-minute gift!


Watches are a valuable gift in which you can express your distinctive feelings towards your loved ones. They add an elegant look that adorns the wrist of the hand you give them and do not dispense with them for the aesthetic appearance or the need to know the time. Stylish woman.

Choose your gift from Noon & Souq, and give your loved ones a great look with a valuable piece that highlights their remarkable brilliance.

Do not worry about any exaggerated prices, Noon & Souq have packages for everyone, and choose multiple budgets. Watches are an exceptional gift that will make them a last-minute gift of value!

Classic Cuff Links

The cuff links are elegant pieces that can be worn only by people of good taste. Yes, they are indeed a wonderful and distinctive fine gift. Choose shirt buttons in various designs to give the classic shirts to your lovers a distinctive elegance.

Noun and Souk vary between international and local brands, with a design that meets the shirts, in a variety of colors and designs, and although it is a gentle gift, it has a distinctive character for whoever you give it to.

The prices of the Noon and Souq buttons vary with packages that suit all budgets. The online store is varied in its brands and prices. The cufflinks are a last-minute gift that will make you so special for whoever you give it to.

Neckties & Scarfs

The necktie “Cravats” and the scarf “Scarf” are valuable and distinctive gifts that give an interesting personal aspect to the look of whom you give it to. The necktie can give its aesthetic effect on the man’s or woman’s suit with a distinctive appearance, as it represents a final piece that converges in its elegance and taste with the design of the suit and its colors.

Noon & Souq’s neckties and scarfs are diversified with different brands and brands representing carefully handpicked selections for the most delicate tastes.

You have a wide range of prices for neckties, noon scarves and a market where you will meet your budget and fit your financial choice for your gift. Neckties and scarfs are a valuable gift for a memorable last minute!


The distinctive bag for men or women has a practical benefit and a distinctive aesthetic appearance, the bag is a piece that the woman does not dispense with and it expresses the elegance of its wearers, as well as men, especially in the business sector, the bag is very important.

Noon bags and market ranges between classic and non-classic, handbags, backpacks, business bags, small bags and more.

Enjoy a wide variety of prices for men and women bags from Nunsof, which are bags of various luxury and economic brands. The perfect gift bags for the last moment, grab a chance for a perfect gift!

Pick up your gift from the Noon and Souq stores, attach it to your cart, and use in-purchase offers to make the most cost-effective shopping. Every gift you give to your loved ones and you are fine!

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