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The best 5 online stores to get your ‘Anti-Coronavirus’ personal care kit!

Stay safe and shop from home!

As the world faces this dangerous outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, people have become more aware than ever with their personal hygiene and the needed procedures to stay clean, healthy, and virus-free. In other words, instead of shopping for the latest designer shoes, we now shop for the best hand sanitizers and most effective disinfectants.

However, since the most important step in keeping yourself and your loved ones protected from the COVID-19 virus is staying home and committing to the advised self-quarantine, the only option left for you to get your ‘Anti-Coronavirus’ personal care kit is online shopping. Thankfully, it is easier, safer, and can actually be a lot more affordable thanks to the offers Yajny.com exclusively provides you. So here are the best 5 online stores that offer personal care products: 

1. Souq

Souq.com is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the Arab world for its various products, easy user interface, flexible payment methods, affordable prices, and fast shipping.

Among their 31 product categories, you will find everything you need to keep yourself, your house, and your belongings clean and 100% virus-free, that includes everything from personal care products like hand sanitizers and face masks to cleaning appliances like mobs and vacuums. Thanks to offers such as Souq cashback and Souq coupon which can be found on Yajny.com, you can get all your needs at a much lower cost all while shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home.

2. Sprii

Aside from being an award-winning online store providing all the best and latest products for moms & babies, Sprii has also become a trusted destination that offers all types of personal care products and cleaning supplies for both you and your little ones.

You will easily find a variety of products such as hand gels, sanitizers, clothes disinfectants, disposable gloves and masks, and more, in different brands and at different prices. Something else that makes Sprii stand out is its incredible flexibility, it offers different payment methods, allows free returns on all orders, and provides fast shipping within the GCC area, Egypt, and most of the Arab world.

That’s not all, you could shop at Sprii.com all you want and still save up thanks to the Sprii offers Yajny provides you such as the Sprii coupon and cashback.

3. Noon

Noon is known across the Arab world and the Middle East for being one of the biggest and most versatile online shopping platforms as if offers millions of products in different categories. Some of the most popular of those products, at the time being, are personal care products, especially hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, cleaning accessories, furniture and clothes disinfectants, and more.

You can buy these products from Noon in bulk and in the brand of your choice, all by just a few button click and without having to break your quarantine. you can also shop at fewer prices thanks to the Noon coupons which you can find at Yajny.com.

4. Bath & Body Works

If you are a skin & body care enthusiast, then you are probably already used to shopping at Bath & Body works’ online store. This means that you are probably already familiar with their impeccable quality and unmatched collection of body care products.

The brand is famous for their skin, hair, and body care products, such as fragrances, lotions, and shower gels. However, what most people may not know is that Bath & Body Works also offer a variety of anti-bacterial sanitizers and hand gels. This will come in handy especially to those who hate or are allergic to the smell of regular sanitizers or alcohol.

If you want to get yourself a hand sanitizer with a breathtaking smell from Bath & Body Works without having to go over budget, you can use the Bath & Body Works coupons or cashback service which are accessible to you through Yajny.com.

5. Carrefour

You are probably already familiar with how easy and flexible it is to shop at Carrefour’s online store, especially if that’s where you did your Ramadan shopping this year as we recommended.

Carrefour offers a variety of different products in different brands and different prices to make sure everyone can find what they need. And in this time of crisis, Carrefour has made sure to give its customers a helping hand by providing them cleaning products, cleaning accessories, and other cleaning supplies at highly affordable prices. And to save up even more on your ‘Anti-corona’ kit, you can shop with the Carrefour coupons which are available for you through Yajny.com.

These stores give you the opportunity to weaponize yourself with the necessary tools to protect yourself, your home, and your family from the vicious coronavirus outbreak, all without having to put yourself at risk and go to the store.

So there are no more excuses for you to go out and break your much-needed quarantine, we all have to stay home to stay safe and keep the people we love safe, and hence, help keep the entire planet safe. 

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