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Save up on your Ramadan grocery with Carrefour’s Ramadan Offers!

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Now that Ramadan is right around the corner, it is customary to see supermarkets and hypermarkets buzzing with people grocery shopping in bulk for Ramadan supplies and essentials. Sadly though, this year, things are a little different as we all follow the advised procedures of self-quarantining and social-distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So, it is for the common good of ourselves and our community not to do our regular trip to the supermarket for Ramadan supplies this year.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get everything we need for the holy season. On the contrary, you actually can get everything on your shopping list down to the very last item and save up from your regular budget. Yes, we’re serious…

Thanks to modern-day technology, you can go to the supermarket by your phone as a lot of companies and big stores has developed their own mobile applications and website where they display all their products just as they do in the actual supermarket.

One of the most popular of those stores, especially around this season, is Carrefour. Carrefour makes sure every year to have a flash sale on all of its various products in honor of the Holy month of Ramadan. These offers and discounts are all available through Carrefour’s website or mobile application where you can easily browse and find your grocery needs by just a few button clicks.

In addition to Carrefour’s original offers and discounts, you can get an extra discount on all your Carrefour purchases if you use the Carrefour discount coupons Yajny exclusively offers you.

This way you’ll get all your Ramadan supplies at a cheaper price and from the comfort and safety from your own home.

Now let’s take a look at Carrefour’s hottest Ramadan offers:

Yameesh and Nuts offers

  • 16% discount on high-quality Irish raisins for sale at the price of 74.95 EGP per kilogram instead of 89.95
  • 1KG of dried prunes for 59.95 EGP instead of 69.95 EGP with a 14% discount.
  • 1 kilogram of dried apricots for 69.95 EGP instead of 84.95 EGP.
  • Veggie golden raisins for the price of 47. 95 EGP per kilogram instead of 53.95 EGP giving an 11% discount.
  • A 300GM-pack of dried figs for 26.95 EGP instead of 29.95 with a 15% discount.
  • 13% discount on unpeeled almonds at the price of 99.95 EGP instead of 114.95 EGP per kilogram.
  • 18% discount on peeled almonds at the price of 179.95 EGP per kilogram instead of 219.95
  • 1 kilogram of unpeeled hazelnut for 99.95 EGP instead of 114.95 with a 13% discount.
  • 1 kilogram of peeled hazelnut for 174.95 EGP instead of 204.95 with a 14% discount.
  • Whole walnut for the price of 99.95 EGP per kilogram instead of 114.95 with a 13% discount.
  • Peeled walnut for the price of 189.95egp per KG instead of 234.95 with a 19% discount.

Beans, Dates, Spices, and Qamar El-Din offers

  •  High-quality dates for 9.50 EGP per kilogram instead of 11.95 with a 20% discount.
  • 400GM Tamarind pack for 20.50 EGP instead of 24.95 with a 17% discount.
  • 400GM Syrian Qamar El Din pack for 21.95 EGP instead of 26.95
  • 400GM Egyptian Qamar El Din pack for 12.95 EGP instead of 15.95
  • Coconut with a 14% discount sold for 59.95 EGP per kilogram instead of 69.95
  • 18% discount on cumins sold for 64.95 EGP per kilogram instead of 79.95
  • 1KG of black pepper for the price of 64.95 EGP instead of 79.95 with an 18 discount.
  • 1KG of oriental yellow lentils for 16.95 EGP instead of 19.95 with a 15% discount.
  • 1KG of peeled peanuts for 36.95 EGP instead of 40.95
  • 1KG of oriental foul or fava beans for the price of 24.95 instead of 27.95
  • 1kg of longtail rice for the price of 14.95 EGP instead of 19.95

Oils and butter offers

  • 900ml bottle of Roots corn oil for the price of 31.95 EGP instead of 45.50 with a 29% discount.
  • 2.4 liter of Afia corn oil for the price of 64.95 instead of 69.75 with a 7% discount.
  • 2.4 liter of Sunny sunflower oil for 44.95 EGP instead of 50.25 with a 10% discount.
  • 1.5 liter of Hala sunflower oil in addition to a free 250ml with a 15 m% discount sold for the price of 24.45 EGP instead of 34.95
  • 1.6 liter of Crystal sunflower oil for the price of 34.95 EGP instead of 36.75 with a 5% discount.
  • 700gm pack of Fern natural ghee for the price of 104.95 EGP instead of 114 with an 8% discount.
  • 1 liter of Wadi Food extra virgin olive oil plus a free 500ml sold at the price of 174.95 EGP instead of 206
  • A package including three 700ml oil bottles for 35.25 EGP instead of 41.25
  • 2.5KG pack of gold or white Crystal ghee for 56.95 EGP instead of 58.95
  • 750gm pack of Rawaby or Ganna ghee for 18.45 EGP instead of 19.9

Additional grocery offers

  • A 5kg pack of Al Suhagy rice with a 34% discount offered for the price of 54.95 EGP instead of 83.95
  • 1kg of Al Doha rice with a 27% discount. offered for 12.45 EGP instead of 17.25
  •  A 5kg Violet rice pack with a 32% discount. offered for 47.95 EGP instead of 70.95
  •  Basmati rice, 1 kg for 38.95 EGP120 gm jumbo pack for 2.75 EGP instead of 3.75, giving you a 26% discount.
  • A package consisting of three 400gm bags of ElMaleka pasta coming down from 15.75 EGP to 9.95 with a 36% discount.
  •  A 400gm Regina pasta bag for 7.45 EGP instead of 9.25 giving you a 19% discount.
  •  A pack of three 700gm table salt bottles for the price of 9.95 EGP.
  •  A-three-can pack of Harvest tomato paste cans at the price of 20.95 EGP instead of 25, giving you a 15% discount.
  •  1kg bag of ElMaleka pasta at the price of 9.25 EGP instead of 10.95 with a 15% discount.

Yajny’s Carrefour Discount Coupons

Yajny offers you Carrefour discount coupons to help you save up as much as possible on all your purchases from Carrefour. That’s aside from the discounts Carrefour already offer on their website. The Carrefour discount coupons available exclusively through Yajny give you an extra discount for an even more cost-effective Ramadan grocery shopping.

How to use the Carrefour coupon?

  1. Register to Yajny using your Facebook account or email account to have access to the best offers and discounts Carrefour regularly offers.
  2. Once you sign into Yajny for the first time, you will automatically get 5$ added to your account wallet as a welcome bonus which will remain pending until you make your first purchase through Yajny with a minimum value of 25$.
  3. Once you are on Yajny, find the Carrefour store page to get the Carrefour discount coupons.
  4. On the Carrefour page, you’ll find the coupon codes Carrefour is currently offering through Yajny.
  5. Click on the coupon code you prefer to copy it, then click on the “Shop Now” button.
  6. You will then be transferred automatically to the Carrefour website through Yajny.
  7. Once you are on Carrefour’s store, find the items you’d like to purchase, then add them to your cart.
  8. After you are done with your shopping, begin to checkout as usual, amidst the checkout process, you’ll find the slot specified for coupon codes, paste the code you got from Yajny there, then complete checkout.
  9. Your coupon discount will then be validated and confirmed. Hence, the discount percentage the coupon promised will be applied to the total of your purchases.

Now thanks to the discount the Carrefour coupon grants you, in addition to the discounts Carrefour originally offers, you will be able to get all your Ramadan supplies at an amazingly affordable price, and without having to go anywhere! 

Have a Happy Ramadan, everyone, and STAY SAFE!

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