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Your Guide to the Hottest New Colors of Autumn/Winter 2020-2021!

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We have just entered the season of wearing nothing but coats, jackets, and ankle boots frequently, so even though our winter wardrobes are loaded with black, we have to take a moment to look on the horizon at all the new colors of Autumn / Winter 2020-2021. Even if we don’t know exactly your preferences, there’s nothing like the power of a distinctive color to make your winter look stand out. So before you layer black on top of black, maybe try and get some early inspiration from the hot new trendy colors of the autumn/winter season of 2020-2021.

You may be asking by now, how do I know if the below 6 colors are going to be trendy next year? Well, for your peace of mind, we have relied on the publications of one of the most important international fashion magazines which relied on a few online fashion icons who have always managed to master the art of wearing colors, and always managed to create outstanding combinations of the most creative colors in their outfits, and are always the first to test the latest vibrant and fashionable shades of colors each season before anyone else. According to them, we might, at last, say goodbye to the neon and lime hues that have dominated the past couple of seasons, and instead, welcome softer hues and shades.

So without further ado, keep scrolling to read about the fashion colors every fashionista will be sporting this season, so you can start making some much-needed changes to that wardrobe of yours.

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 So let’s start with our list of expert opinions…

Ellie Delphine, Digital Content Creator

colors of autumn/winter

Retiring Color: Neon 

“I’ve been retiring a lot of my neon pieces lately as I’ve seen them a lot and I’m a bit tired of them, the only place I want to see neon is on my nails.” Said Ellie.

New Colors: Grey 

She elaborates saying; “Even though I’m all about bright colors, I’m very excited to start wearing more neutral tones as I’m preparing to transition into fall. Rich terra-cotta browns, dark yellows, and deep greys are all I’m looking for at the moment. Of course, I will be wearing these neutrals with a fun color pop in the form of a cool handbag or a funky shoe.”

Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor

colors of autumn

Retiring Color: Tangerine

Lauren stated: “I was so into tangerine last summer and tried to find ways to incorporate it into my fall wardrobe as well, but this season, it feels a tad too bright compared to most of the trending colors.”

New Color: Chocolate Brown

Then continues: “Chocolate brown is definitely going to be my go-to hue this fall. I love how rich and warm it looks whether worn alone or as a head-to-toe chocolatey look.”

Monikh Dale, Stylist

Colors of Autumn/Winter

Retiring Color: Overly trendy hues

“I think that with what has happened in the world this year it has changed the fashion industry. A lot of designers are now pushing against the static structure of seasons and trends, and I think it’s a good thing. Time for timeless dressing and wearing colors which make you feel good.” Said Monikh.

New Color: Mossy Green

And continues: “Every fall, those deep tones always work their way back into the fashion scene, they’re nostalgic. And with the weather here in London starting to turn a little colder I’ve already noticed my eyes wandering to those deeper hued items.”

Maria Alia, Freelance Creative

Colors of autumn/winter

Retiring Color: Neon Shades

The Hijabi influencer stated saying: “A color I’m passing on is anything neon. Don’t get me wrong, I really do aesthetically still have a soft spot for these hues that dominated the past few seasons, but it just feels so tired for me now.”

New Color: Cerulean Blue

She then continued: “A color I’m excited for in 2020 is cerulean blue! It’s a color I haven’t really played with much ever, and I’m excited to incorporate it via pops of color or even a nice monochrome moment.”

Maria Bernad, Designer

colors of autumn/winter

Retiring Color: Camo Print Greens

“All greens in the camo print. I personally have never liked that palette of greens, and I try not to wear it.”, said Maria.

New Color: Burnt Orange

“Orange. I think that because I’m really into colors, I’m attracted to the ones that make you feel happy. And orange is such a happy and warm color. I love every palette around the orange color and I love mixing it with green—that I’ve been wearing a lot for a while.”, explained the fashion designer.

Michelle Li, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Colors of Autumn/Winter

Retiring Color: Lime Green 

The Teen Vogue fashion editor stated the following: “I think I’m passing on lime green this season. I really tried my best to get into it, but honestly have found it so hard to wear with my skin tone. I have olive undertones, and the lime green just brings them out in an unflattering way. I love the way it looks on others, but unfortunately, it’s just not for me.”

New Color: Navy Blue

Then she explained saying: “Okay, this sounds so plain, but I really love navy blue right now. I used to write it off as a why would I wear navy blue when I could just wear black, but wow the combinations are infinite with navy blue. I love it with a dusty pink and then some kind of small neon accessory, or monochromatic different shades of blue, or paired with black pants. I just love how dimensional and interesting and unexpected it can look. The color has really been inspiring me lately. “

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colors of autumn/winter

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colors of autumn/winter

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We hope this humble guide was to your liking and gave you the right amount of inspiration to revamp your autumn/winter wardrobe. As always, stay safe & elegant, ladies!  

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