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Your Guide to the Best Noon Egypt offers during November 2020

It's Not Just About Yellow Friday ... Discover the Magical Offers!

The e-commerce platform and application, Noon Egypt, has recently announced the launch of the Yellow Friday Noon Egypt 2020 offers for the top online shopping season during the month of November. This month is especially known for having a record of popularity when it comes to deals, promotions, and discounts, not only in the Middle East, but also globally. In parallel with the most famous sales season, known as the Black Friday or the White Friday, or as Noon Egypt loves to call it “Yellow Friday” to come inline with the brand’s distinctive identity, Noon Egypt offers become available during the month of November 2020 and continue until the end of the month, with solid promises to its customers to keep applying the installment service during the Yellow Friday discounts.

One of the most competitive advantages of Noon Egypt’s platform in the Egyptian market is the ability to deliver orders within 24 to 48 hours inside Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria the thing that applies to all Noon Express products within the company’s stores.

Yellow Friday Noon 2020
Some of the products available on Noon Egypt

Noon Eg as a selling platform provides free shipping service from the website and application to customers who purchase products with values that exceed the minimum amount that is stated on the website. Additionally, it provides consumers with various payment methods including paying in cash on delivery or using credit cards on the website or app.

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Noon Egypt offers and deals vary during the month with discount packages listed with valid or limited periods, each of which has a name within the month’s discount deals, and all are supported by the Noon Egypt coupon code offered to you exclusively from Yajny.com. This discount code provides you with the exclusive coupon code to save much more money when you shop from the Noon
Egypt online store heading to it through Yajny.com; Obtaining an effective plus percentage-based discount on your selections from the store, even if they are displayed with basic discounts in the Noon Egypt Sale season this month, meaning that the reduction is multiplied by two.

Let’s get down to it and go on reviewing the main Noon Egypt offers that are valid for this month’s discount season, November 2020 Yellow Friday.

Noon Egypt Offers During November 2020:

Super Saver Sale from Noon Egypt

Super Saver Sale is a very special sales season at the Noon Egypt online store, the best goods and products are presented with exclusive discounts that provide you with access to your picks with a minimum price for the quality you get in return. Start your shopping tour on Noon Egypt and enjoy the best product offers from various packages such as groceries and detergents, to name a few.

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Examples of the Super Saver Sale offers

Now or Never Deals from Noon Egypt

The offers of what is known as Now or Never Deals come as a wonderful opportunity unlike any other, because if you decide to buy urgently, you will get an incomparable discount for great products, the packages for this offer lasts between November 15thto 22nd in order to delight in an unbelievable buying experience for you and your family in terms of various discount on different packages including lots of things like cosmetics, but not limited to that.

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Examples of the Now or Never Deals

Yellow Friday from Noon Egypt

It is the most exciting and the absolutely hottest season in terms of selling. It is a season that you will not find anything like it when it comes to discounts on items and products in the whole world. These discounts are applied in parallel with the crazy offers from online stores around the world during the last week of November, you have the opportunity from the 23rd to the 39th of November to be happy with what you will not find at all in any other place except at Noon Egypt, as the online store outperforms all the other stores in the region in terms of exclusive offers, the Noon Egypt products offered on Yellow Friday 2020 include electronics, phones, accessories, apparel, furniture, and much more.

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Noon Egypt Yellow Friday
Examples of the Noon Egypt Yellow Friday offers

Cyber Monday from Noon Egypt

The last Monday of November has its own special glamor in shopping from Noon Egypt, this day is filled with exclusive great discounts for users and customers of the Noon Egypt platform, in order for them to have the best opportunities to obtain products they have always dreamed of. Take advantage of your wonderful opportunity to obtain products from different packages including grocery and a lot more.

Noon Cyber Monday
Examples of the Cyber Monday deals

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Note: Remember to read the steps for using the Noon Egypt coupon code on the Noon Egypt store page on Yajny’s website, choose the discount codes that suit you best and achieve the required discount, double-check the simple terms and conditions of our website for an integrated experience that guarantees you the pleasure of online shopping and its benefits.

An overview of the performance of Noon Egypt and its outstanding success in satisfying its customers’ needs:

Noon.com was launched in Egypt in February 2019, less than two years after launching in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia at the end of 2017.

The Noon Egypt platform was founded by the Emirati businessman and founder of Emaar Properties, Mohamed Alabbar, in partnership with the Saudi Public Investment Fund, in addition to a number of Gulf investors, with an initial investment of 1 billion dollars to support e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa.

It is essential to mention that the volume of the e-commerce market in Egypt for Noon represents a great opportunity for growth, and the company focuses deeply on the Egyptian market and places it among the company’s top priorities. Recent reports indicated that Egypt is the leading Arab country in terms of growth rates, with 48 million internet users under the age of thirty who have a smartphone or a computer.

On a side note: According to various reports, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the two largest markets in terms of total eCommerce sales in the region, while the Arab Gulf region and Egypt represent 80% of the e-commerce volume in the Middle East, with an annual growth rate of more than 30%.

Recent reports confirm that the size of the e-commerce sector in the MENA region is expected to grow to 28.5 billion dollars by 2022, compared to the 8.5 billion dollars that were achieved in 2017.

 We wish you wonderful shopping journeys during this distinguished month of November 2020!

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