5 Workplace Wellness Ideas that Will Help Increase Employees Productivity!

Employee wellbeing is frequently considered a cool  to have rather than a must-have — something to be concerned about after you’ve gotten your ducks in a row. But the fact is that putting off employee wellness initiatives until your company is “large enough” or “ready for them” will be too late. This is because employee health and performance are intertwined. By assisting in the creation of an engaged workforce, a wellness culture really drives outcomes rather than bringing work burnout.

What is Job Burnout?

Job burnout is a condition of work-related stress that manifests as a condition of physical or emotional fatigue, as well as a sense of decreased accomplishment and a loss of personal identity.

“Burnout” is not a medical term. Other disorders, such as depression, are thought to be the cause of burnout, according to some specialists.

It is worth mentioning that there is a well-established link between engagement and performance. In areas including productivity, profit, and employee retention, engaged teams have been demonstrated to outperform competitors. However, not all employee wellness programmers are equally successful. So here are 5 employee wellness ideas that will enthuse your employees, improve their health, and help you build a more engaged workforce.

  • Get your Team On Their Feet

Sedentary or seated behaviour is just as hazardous as obesity, according to the University of Cambridge. In a recent study, the school discovered that in European males, lack of exercise causes twice as many deaths as obesity. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that the negative consequences of long-term sedentary behaviour remain even when exercise is intermittent.

Get your office on its feet by offering standing desks. Check Souq standing desks.

  • Cater Healthy Office Snacks

We are becoming more and more of a snacking society. 91% of Americans snack numerous times each day, according to current research. Unfortunately, most businesses provide low-quality vending machine cuisine such as candy, soda, and other sugary, saturated-fat, and chemical-laden snacks.

What better approach to influence your team’s overall nutrition and, as a result, wellbeing than to provide easy access to healthy snack options throughout the day?

  • Talk about Mental Health

A little healthy competition may be precisely what your team needs to encourage them to exercise on a regular basis. For the most consecutive gym sessions or yoga lessons attended, give out gift cards. Better better, talking about mental health concerns is the most effective method to reduce stigma. Consider holding a session on anxiety, the most prevalent mental health problem. Anxiety is quite prevalent, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

Because your team is likely to be made up of people of all ages and fitness levels, setting both individual and team goals will help to keep everyone motivated.

  • Practice Gratitude

Remember that wellness is about your team’s emotional health as well as their physical well-being. Being thankful on a regular basis has been shown to alleviate sadness, reduce hunger, and improve overnight sleep.

Try this at your workplace: Create a shared document where everyone in the company may write down one item for which they are grateful every day. Make it a challenge for your team to accomplish it for three weeks in a row. Have your staff reflect on their mood and productivity at the conclusion of the three weeks.

  • Bring the Outdoors Inside

Access to nature has been proven in several studies to reduce stress, enhance sociability, promote activity, and even aid with mental illness.

Even just being close to a green environment may have a good effect, and potted plants in offices have been found to help with everything from blood pressure to job satisfaction.

Schaduf helps companies bring the outdoors inside with its lush vertical gardens.

Finally, keep in mind that implementing one of these concepts only once isn’t enough. Wellness cannot be promoted as a campaign; it must be embedded in your company’s culture. Use these ideas to create the groundwork for a continuous health culture at your company to enjoy the maximum advantages.

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