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9 Winter Activities Your Kids Can Enjoy During Winter

When it’s cold outside and the kids can’t go outside to play and have fun, you can give them some ideas for indoor winter games. Aside from adding a winter feel to the living environment by doing things like building an artificial snowman indoors and enjoying a delicious hot cocoa drink by the window while looking out onto the chilly weather. For more inspiration of indoor winter activities that can create a unique atmosphere inside your cozy home while it is cold outside, keep reading.

  • Snowman Cupcakes or Cookies

Gather the kids around the kitchen counter or kitchen table, warm up your oven to bake a batch of snowman shaped cakes or plain cakes in interesting shapes. If you don’t feel like baking, you can make ice cream or any other winter-themed snacks.

  • At-home Snowball Fight

Snow falling outside boosts your kids’ enthusiasm and energy levels. You can help them have some fun and enjoy the snow theme by arranging a small competitive snowball game indoors. Simply roll paper balls, white socks, or make fabric snow globes. Give each child a bucket of made snow globes and let them toss them at each other for fun.

  • Hot Cocoa Break

After the indoor snowball fight, kids will want to relax while enjoying a delicious seasonal drink, some hot cocoa would be an ideal choice in that case. Lay a white blanket on the floor and scatter some cotton balls around for a snowy-like setting, and keep this close to the heater or fireplace. Prepare cups of hot cocoa, serve it with biscuits as an example, and let the children immerse in the cozy and warm winter atmosphere.

  • DIY Winter Hut

If you have a large cardboard box and a few craft supplies, you already have the materials to help your kids build their own winter hut. Cut out window and door openings in the box and then decorate them with paint, glue, markers, embellishments, and of course, fake snow. Don’t forget to top it off with a chimney, and you can make it out of cardboard left over from door or window paper.

  • Indoor Snowman

Do you think you always need real outdoor snow to build a snowman? Think again. Stuff a bunch of large white pillowcases and use pillow inserts, extra clothes, or crumpled paper, and then you’ll have the tools to make a snowman at home. And you can use sticky items such as buttons for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • A Game of Bingo

Make your own bingo papers with winter-themed clip art, print an additional sheet of clip art images, and then put them in a bowl. Use snow-cap candy or edible, winter-themed items.

  • A Winter Piñata

Who says piñatas are only for birthday parties? A piñata is always fun, even more so when it is snowing outside. Put this fun activity together by gathering its needed supplies from around the house, including a simple paper bag. Fill your homemade piñata with treats, clear a space inside where you can hang them securely and let the kids go at them with a stick or a pat until all the prizes/treats spill out.

  • Winter Party Games

Party games are a great way to pass the time on cold days. Choose some winter-themed toys, such as snowman or penguin toys to integrate into your winter party games during the holiday season to add a more seasonal flavor.

  • Winter Movie Nights

When it’s cold outside, one of the best ways to keep warm and entertained is to snuggle under the blankets and watch a winter-themed movie. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the Home Alone series, especially during the Holiday Season.

Now that you have known about our indoor winter activities, don’t forget to share with us in the comments your ultimate favorite winter activities so we can give it a go!

Happy winter, everybody, stay warm!

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