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What did Yajny add to its clients in its 4th year?

Yajny’s fruits

This article presents a complete case study on how Yajny is developing its strategy to improve offering methods and attract different categories of consumers with unique characters.

Let’s show you! 

How did Yajny convert its customers from mere numbers to real shoppers?

Before Yajny finished its third year, it focused on getting more customers, but there was no clear identification of these customers. Are they only users of Yajny’s app or website during promotions or in spaced shopping operations (if they remember to shop through Yajny!). So we have more clients, but very few of them benefit from Yajny’s services!

For this reason, Yajny decided, at the beginning of its fourth year, before attracting new customer segments, to reach well to all the old first to ensure they have achieved full benefit from shopping through Yajny by attaining the highest saving rates from every deal.

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How did Yajny’s competitive offers contribute to attracting consumers’ purchasing trends?

One of Yajny’s successful strategies with all categories of consumers is to link offers to current trends or popular purchasing trends for each period.

For example, this period is the period of preparations for going back to school season, so Yajny will provide different offers on all school supplies such as school uniforms, stationery, bags, etc.

This excellent strategy has contributed to the continuity of offers on Yajny, as no month is without a purchasing trend. Therefore, offers continue on Yajny throughout the year, which has increased the loyalty of its original customers and gained the trust of new customers.

This, in turn, has led to

Acquire thousands of young customers, especially on the most popular social media platforms.

By the fourth year of Yajny, which was from the beginning of August 2022, and thanks to the new methodology, Yajny succeeded in attracting different segments of its customers ranging from 18 to 40 years old. The current trend tightly controls their buying behavior, which makes them constantly on the lookout for offers or reward programs within “Yajny Plus‘ ‘ in addition to the offers valid on the Yajny website and application daily.

Here are some

 Statistics that confirm Yajny’s success in attracting more shopaholics and offers enthusiasts


  • Reach rate refers to the numbers reached by Yajny during the first days of August

We could reach thousands of potential customers with different marketing messages rather than repeatedly getting them with the same marketing message.

  • The average Conversion Rate refers to the actual beneficiaries of the Yajny offers, which have enriched their buying experiences through the Yajny savings services.

It was able to raise the conversion rate in the first days of August 2022 to a percentage ranging from a minimum of 2% to 5%, making Yajny more distinguished among e-commerce platforms.

  • The average Customer Lifetime value refers to the average time a customer spent on Yajny and the average number of purchases they made.

There is no doubt that calculating the average age of the customer on Yajny compared to its acquisition costs was and still is one of the most critical challenges for Yajny. However, despite that, it was mainly able to overcome this problem during the past months, as we were able to maintain customers for a more extended period through marketing plans that motivated them to shop more to meet their needs.

  • Average Loyal Customers, It indicates the extent to which a customer trusts the savings services Yajny provides.

We have noticed through the statistics at different periods that customers return periodically to shop on Yajny, especially the Yajny application, to take advantage of the cashback offers on their favorite brands.

And now, let’s talk about 

Yajny’s special deals in its 4th year


  • These offers added real value to Yajny’s customers, as it is known that the percentages of cashback rewards range from 1% to 3% to reach a maximum of 5%. Still, Yajny was able to provide competitive offers for cash back within its new plan and provide “Double Cashback” and “Triple Cashback.” 

Which is two or three times the value of the cashback.

For example, if you get 5% cash back, they are 10% or 15% – depending on the available offers – which helps young people to save more of their money and use it in more than one shopping process. to meet most of their needs.

  • Extending the validity period of cashback offers on most products so that shoppers of some categories, such as restaurants and stores, benefit from a higher cashback rate.
  • Providing a periodic discount on the most famous brands that young people prefer, whether for fashion, sports clothing, or shoes.
  • Each customer can now set a saving plan that suits them, as he can make an excellent mix between cashback offers and discount coupons that fit their needs during the current period. Thus every customer has a cashback or a discount percentage on every purchase.
  • All customers can receive special rewards if they invite their friends to use the Yajny app.
  • Helping shoppers know about a surprising number of retailers they might not have known about bringing them great deals on clothing, electronics, phones, and more.


You may be interested to know

Yajny’s goals for the next stages

Briefly, Yajny seeks to:

  • Achieving an easy and affordable purchasing experience for each customer.
  • Maximize each customer’s savings.
  • Achieving the highest satisfaction levels for each customer to make Yajny their first online shopping platform.

Of course, you care about

How to make immediate benefit from Yajny?

You can benefit now. Once you download Yajny’s application and create your account, you will get a welcome financial reward that doubles if you invite your friends to download and subscribe to the app.

Download the app now and follow your favorite stores’ most generous cashback offers and discount coupon updates.

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