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Back to school season has started, hello! It is the stage of preparing parents and young people to prepare their needs and requirements for this season, which usually starts from September of the year to May of next year, and in that period the shopping in libraries turns into a war and a special operations arena to buy the supplies and needs required by the school and also the children’s study space at home.

Remarkably, you can notice the black baby shoes in the market suddenly decreasing with the coming of this special season! Even if you are not a parent or a mother, you will notice discounts and savings promotions everywhere, it really alerts that the back to school season is coming.

Although returning to school is a good thing for many, as the relative relief from the burden of children immediately after the suffering of the three summer months and even since the Corona pandemic, but it is also the timing of running and the enemy between here and there to buy school supplies The tribe of the start of the study and in the remaining days of summer, you really Thousands of parents are doing the same. And because Ijni’s blog knows and anticipates your needs and requirements for you and your child, we will present to you a list of your needs and basic necessities for the school to help you accomplish the task effectively.

Whether you are a new father, a new mother, or you have other jobs that may distract you from reviewing and keeping the list of school requirements, the best and ideal thing is to finish the process of purchasing school supplies as soon as possible, as the more time comes for the first day of study, the more crowded shopping and the number of tasks and the increase and tension increases, Market merchandise has also decreased.

Fortunately, the Noon Saudi online store is your ideal solution for shopping all the supplies for your child to return to school, with cashback offers and Saudi Noon coupons available exclusively on the Yajni website, which provides you with an easier shopping process with discounts in excess of the basic discounts of Noon store within its offers Seasonal and regular, so the discount is double if you are going to shop from the Noon Saudi store through Yajun.

Check out the Noon Saudi cashback offers and the Saudi Noon coupons that are available exclusively on our website, Yajni.com. For review, Cash Back Noon Saudi Arabia gives you a deducted part of the amount of your spending on your purchases from the store, and this money is deposited in your account so that you can benefit from it later, and thus it saves you on the total value of the shopping process while it gives you a balance in your account to benefit from it later, thus achieving interest Great for ease of spending and enjoy the exclusive benefit of having a permanent balance in your account. While the exclusive Noon Saudi discount code attached to the store coupon, by applying it while shopping you can get a special percentage discount on your purchases, which is an effective discount even on Noon Saudi products offered with basic discounts within the store offers.

1. School Uniform

School clothes, of course, are a basic necessity and the number of clothes that your child will need depends on the requirements of the school and on the organizational style that you will adopt for your child, and whether your laundry plan will be in the middle of the week, or you have another plan for washing only at the end of the week, it is good to have A crew for each day of the week for young children, and for older children, you can wear them with trousers, pocket, or shorts several times a week, but here you are required to buy a shirt or T-shirt “the top” for each day differently. You have to be practical when buying school shoes, so look for comfortable shoes, not just stylish ones. Children spend not little time in school and they need comfort as a priority. Avoid shoes with laces for young children, and look for shoes that allow the skin to breathe, such as sports shoes. And any material other than leather, if permitted by the school.

One of Noon KSA’s offers: White Infant Boys Mandarin Collar Shirt 

Infant Boys Mandarin Collar Shirt أبيض
Source: Noon.com

This shirt is available on the Noon Saudi store at a price of 39 Saudi riyals, and with cashback and Noon Saudi coupon code, you can buy it with an extra discount.

2. School Backpack

You have to bear in mind that there are days when your child will have to carry a bunch of heavyweight books in his bag. In general, children prefer bags that are included with drawings of the latest movie characters and cartoon programs or the character that are popular at the present time, but you as a parent or mother should search Also about the well-designed bag, in terms of being comfortable and with wide shoulders and cushioning back, the most important thing is that it is functional and spacious enough to carry your child’s requirements.

One of the Noon KSA offers: A school backpack for children with a cartoon design.

حقيبة ظهر مدرسية للأطفال بتصميم رسومات كرتونية
Source: Noon.com

This school bag is available on the Noon Saudi store at a price of 177.85 Saudi riyals, and through Noon Saudi cashback and the Noon Saudi discount coupon available on the Yajni website, you can save on the price by a greater percentage.

3. A Lunch Box

Whether you want to buy a “lunch box” consistent with a school bag or separately, you should look for a bag or “lunch box” that can protect the food, rather than ending up with bananas, for example, mashed or definitely sandwiches, the ideal “lunch box” is Has compartments to place food in a more organized way, such as plastic dividers that will do the trick.

One of the Noon KSA offers: Lunch box with a handle decorated with holiday design, pink color.

صندوق غداء بيد مزين بتصميم الأجازة لون وردي
Source: Noon.com

This lunch box is available on the Noon Saudi online store at 69 Saudi riyals, and you can get it at a more discounted price through Cashback Noon Saudi Arabia and the Noon Saudi Arabia coupon, which are available exclusively on the Yajna website.

4. Pencil Case

In fact, there is a difference in the size and design of the pencil case with different ages of the children to suit their needs, and here you can unleash your children to choose according to their preferences.

One of the Noon KSA offers: Settlement Pencil Case

مقلمة سيتلمنت
Source: Noon.com

This pencil case is available on the Saudi Noon store website at a price of 69 Saudi riyals, and you can get it with an extra saving with Noon Saudi cashback and Noon Saudi discount code, which is available exclusively on the Yajny offers website.

5. A drawing apron

In fact, the drawing apron is very necessary if you want to keep your son and girl’s clothes clean and away from colors, you can buy a plastic apron, or a short lab coat with different designs, and your child will love it.

One of the Noon KSA offers: Disney Minnie Mouse baby bib made of Piva material

مريلة أطفال برسمة ميني ماوس من ديزني مصنوعة من مادة البيفا
Source: Noon.com

This apron is available on the Noon Saudi store at a price of 50.50 Saudi riyals, and you can buy it at a lower price using Cashback Noon Saudi Arabia and the exclusive Noon Saudi discount coupon on Yajny.com.

6. Sterile wet wipes

Finally, what is undoubtedly, and with the repercussions of the Coronavirus, it is necessary to secure children with disinfectant wipes against germs and viruses, but it is necessary not to give any alcoholic liquids to very young children because of the possibility of eating it or using it incorrectly that could harm them.

One of the Noon KSA offers: Original anti-bacterial wet wipes, including 10 wipes

مناديل مبللة أصلية للبشرة
Source: Noon.com

These wipes are available on the Noon Saudi store at a price of 11.50 Saudi riyals, and you can buy them at a lower price using the Noon Saudi cashback and the exclusive Noon Saudi coupon code from the Yajny website for shopping offers.

We wish you success as parents and your children. If there is any inquiry regarding completing the purchase transactions using the cashback and discount coupon services; Do not hesitate to contact us to lend a helping hand. As long as you are happy!


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