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10 Tips to Support Your children During Thanaweya Amma Exams!

Because it is known as an important stage in determining the academic and practical future of students, the high school exams period is a difficult and worrying period for both children and their parents. However, there are many misconceptions that make the matter difficult and disturbing to the point of high levels of anxiety for students and their families.

We believe that this stage is the end of the world, and this is a misconception. If our children are supported to perform at their best during exams, it is also necessary to be aware that psychological discipline and putting things right is what will lead to better productivity

For this, here are 10 tips to help you as parents to support your children to pass the exam period without psychological or physical  problems:

  • Get to know the full exam schedule

You should post a copy of the test schedule on a bulletin board at home, such as the one in the kitchen, and then write down the date and time of each exam, since the exam time aspect is crucial in preventing any scheduling misunderstanding.

  • Time Management

It may appear stressful, but with the parents’ many responsibilities and the time they wake up for the test being different for the son or daughter, it is possible that they will forget to wake them up for the test. In this case, you can assist the son or daughter examinees by preparing the clothes they will wear each morning before leaving home.

  • Make a checklist of daily requirements

Make a last check each morning before leaving the house to ensure that your child is properly prepared for the next test. Writing equipment, as well as other necessities such as rulers, erasers, calculators, reading glasses, etc.

  • Hear the story of their day

Allow the son or daughter to share their daily narrative after the test. Don’t be tempted to check for mistakes or unintentional omissions in their responses on the exam paper, as this would just add to their stress levels; instead, let them openly talk about their experience and then move on.

  • Help them focus on the next day’s exams

Simple queries like “What’s new?” “Are  there any obligatory sections?” “Are there any predictable questions?” and so on might help you review the syllabus for the next day’s test. It is beneficial to assist them in organising their study schedules before the next test.

  • Help them maintain a balanced daily routine

You must make certain that your child is able to strike a healthy balance between study and rest. They require time to rest and recharge after the exam before they can make a significant recall for the next day’s test. It’s also a good idea to avoid late-night study sessions, which can lead to tiredness, and lack of attention.

  • A good night’s sleep improves test time performance

To allow the student to rest, classes should conclude at least an hour before bedtime. Lying down on the bed soon after class implies that the student’s thoughts will be agitated for hours while they struggle to fall asleep.

  • Healthy nutrition

What your children eat and drink has a direct impact on their performance in any activity, particularly in the area of mental concentration, therefore as a parent, you must make sure that your kid eats and drinks nutritious food throughout the weeks leading up to examinations and before they take them. When you’re under a lot of stress, it’s easy to fall into the fast food trap.

  • Do not overestimate the importance of any test

Explain to your children that your love and respect for them is unaffected by their academic achievements. This statement is critical because it adds to the strain and creates the perception that the tests and their results are the end of the world.

  • Make sure your kids interact with friends and family

Do not isolate your children in the upstairs study area; maintaining their morale throughout the weeks leading up to exams and before them requires connection with their friends. During breaks from studying, you may also encourage and assist them.

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