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5 Tips for Keeping Your Child Cool in Summertime!

Summertime in childhood is full ofw fun activities, no school, joyful memories, and delicious energy drinks.

Summer was incomplete for kids born in the 1990s and early 2000s without a long vacation from school and plenty of time to play cricket or football, as well as other games like hide-and-seek, chor-police, and so on. Smartphones and other electronic devices may have dominated the lives of today’s children. They do, however, go out to play, and many undergo sports coaching sessions or enrol in summer activity camps.

While spending time in the sun is beneficial since it is the best source of Vitamin D, it also encourages your child to sweat, which can contribute to dehydration. This blazing heat, along with dehydration, may cause a slew of health problems for your child, and Moms must be vigilant. Here are 5 ways to keep your child cool this summer.

1. It’s critical to stay hydrated at all times!

Sweating occurs as a result of the extreme heat, and children get dehydrated. As a mother, keep an eye on his or her urine since it will tell you whether or not your child is well hydrated. If the colour of your child’s pee is yellowish, it might indicate that he or she is dehydrated. Ensure that your child consumes fruits and other fluids so that he can cope with the summer heat while being hydrated and active.

2. Light Clothes are the dress code to follow.

If you believe that dressing your child excessively warmly would help him or her stay cool in the summer, you are incorrect. This will result in excessive perspiration and loss of vital fluids. Yes, clothing can help protect against heat, but make sure he/ she wears light clothing while leaving the house to minimise any heat-related issues.

3. Water Alone Isn’t Enough!

Heat causes sweat which leads to loss of essential electrolytes from the body. Many Moms have this wrong notion that making their kid drink loads of water will solve the dehydration problem but it is not 100% true. Moms need to ensure that with water they also give their child some electrolytes drink so that their child stays adequately hydrated, fit, active and energetic.

4. Beware of Summer illnesses

When the temperature rises, parents must be extra cautious with their children. During the peak summer season, the risks of heat stroke, dehydration, skin rashes, dry cold, and other illnesses rise. Keep your child indoors during the afternoon, make sure they drink enough water, and dress them in comfortable clothing to keep them cool and healthy.

5. Lead by Example

Kids are continually watching and trying to mimic what their parents do. If you want your child to develop healthy behaviours to combat the heat, you must also develop good habits, as children see and learn rapidly. To lead by example and fight the heat, you should eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

These were some healthy summertime suggestions to help your child battle the heat. Fruits and fluids, along with electrolyte drinks, are vital for staying hydrated during the scorching summer heat. However, as a parent, make sure that you do not force your child to consume sugary beverages, as they are harmful to your child’s health.

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