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The International Men’s Day .. How to Support Today’s Man

Spread awareness and know more about the humanitarian and intellectual goals of this day!

International Men’s Day comes on November 19 of every year, according to the list of international days that celebrate human beings, activities, and everything that our life on planet earth contains.

Men need a special day dedicated to them to celebrate their humanitarian and community role, as they share with women in supporting society, establishing families, and upgrading their countries, whether they are in local or international professional environments.

In this article, we want to discuss men’s issues, and support them to move forward for a better life, where we can support their cultural and civic role, which is the least thing we can offer men, whether in our Arab societies or at the global level.

The International Men’s Day History

In the early years, International Men’s Day received overwhelming support in the Caribbean, and because of the constant communication and invitations sent to individuals in other countries, International Men’s Day was entrenched on the international stage. The Caribbean Initiative is now being celebrated independently in countries as diverse as Singapore, Australia, India, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Hungary, Malta, Ghana, Moldova, and Canada, and interests in the event are growing rapidly.

Since 1999, methods of celebrating International Men’s Day have included giving and receiving gifts, public seminars, forums, conferences, classroom activities in schools, men’s health events, November fundraising, radio and television programs, parliamentary speeches, government celebrations, church celebrations, and meetings, prayers, gatherings, peaceful parades, award ceremonies, special retail shows, concerts, and art performances. The way to celebrate this annual day is optional. Any organization is welcome to host its events, and any suitable forums can be used.

Why is this day important?

Organizers of International Men’s Day celebrations seek to raise awareness of men’s mental health issues, as well as other health and societal issues, by encouraging men to open up and connect with others. The traditional ideas of what masculinity means in society are changing, and they need to change even further if we wish to protect men from any harmful conditions.

Stereotypes and discrimination need to demolish completely within our Arab culture, there is an emerging need for boys and young men to identify positive models that embody the true qualities of masculinity, in contrast to any wrong prevailing pattern or notion that crystallizes masculinity as suppressing feelings. Those with kindness, generosity, inner strength, and open, natural communication are the most conscious and aware. International Men’s Day and November in general is an excellent opportunity within our global culture to present the true face of manhood to those who need to see it consciously.

There are many prominent men who are now embracing International Men’s Day, opening channels of communication, and taking responsibility to deliver this positive new wave of masculinity.

International Men’s Day encourages men to teach boys about the values, personality, and responsibilities of being a man in their lives. Mahatma Gandhi says, “We must become the change we seek,” and only when we are all, men and women, good role models, will we create a just and safe society that gives everyone the opportunity to thrive.

November and Celebrating men

November is important for the male spirit because it brings together many important events for men. November is the month in which we focus on activities that include fundraising for the health of men in need, and some recreational social activities such as developing a mustache to celebrate the youth and men and highlighting a proud appearance of their external qualities, in addition to, of course, personal qualities which are the most important.

You can go to social media pages during the month of November and you will see that for yourself as you will encounter many friends and acquaintances who update their profile pictures and share opportunities to celebrate their special day with donation activities for those in need as one example. It is an opportunity to contribute in efforts to improve the lives of men around the world and acknowledge the need to change some of the wrong patterns and move forward for the better.

Remember that this day is not intended to compete with International Women’s Day, but it is intended to highlight men’s experiences. It is important to acknowledge the differences between men and women with an emphasis on meeting their specific and personal needs. It is worth noting, however, that neither International Women’s Day nor International Men’s Day are events restricted to the celebration of men alone or women alone, as these events can be celebrated by men and women who wish to raise awareness and contribute to the collective well-being of society, and strive to educate more people around both women’s and men’s issues.

Important Issues to Men

According to WHO data, suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of forty-five. This is the case in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, and Russia. In terms of statistics, it appears that more women than men suffer from depression, but men are more likely to commit suicide.

Obviously, there are male-related reasons for this. Such as gender, cultural conditioning, circumstantial patterns, and problematic social roles are contributing factors. Many women, like men, might think about ending their own lives, however, it has been believed that men are more vulnerable to this and often, in violent ways. This says something about a man’s psychology, social situations, and mental health. This does not mean that women are having an easier time than men when it comes to mental health issues, but the data do show that our cultural views and expectations about gender may contribute significantly to an increase in a man’s suicide rate.

Wrong social patterns that need to change

From a young age, boys are classified and treated in a certain way, they are told that boys must always show strength an not allowed to show any sign of vulnerability, they can not cry or express how they are feeling.

Under this unjust umbrella, society forgets that a man is still a person with different dimensions and feelings that he is allowed to express as freely as a woman. It is incredibly cruical to understand that and normalize it because the level of opression a man goes through from a young age can cause grave damages to his future and the future of those around him, as well.

Lastly, all we have to say is happy international men’s day, gentlemen!

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