Best 5 Hotels in Cairo with Breathtaking Views!

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There is no doubt that Cairo is one of the most Arab and even global capitals that are rich in historical and contemporary diversity, thanks to the eras and periods of time that formed the current mix of the city and made it a painting mixed with Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic and contemporary cultures, and indeed each era left an impact on the historical and civilizational fabric of this great city.

Looking at contemporary Cairo, you can enjoy its famous hotels with the finest global hotel services while overlooking the ancient history of this great capital. So let’s start by reviewing the best 5 hotels in Cairo with the most amazing views so you’d know where to stay next time you want to take in the beauty of our gorgeous city!

  • Four Seasons Nile Plaza

In the heart of Cairo and on the banks of the Nile, the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel opens the door to discovering the mysteries of 5,000-year-old ancient Egypt. In a short drive you can set off to explore the majestic pyramids, the 1,000-year-old market, the 12th-century castle, and the Ancient Egyptian Museum. Experience the spectacular sunset of the sun in Cairo from the Nile on a traditional felucca, dine at nine famous restaurants, retrieve the secrets of the pharaoh’s beauty at the spa or simply take an artistic tour to see the collection of contemporary local artworks that fill the hotel’s halls.

Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel Cairo features panoramic views of the banks of the Nile, and features air-conditioned hotel rooms with flat-screen TVs broadcasting satellite channels, and marble bathrooms.

The hotel has luxurious spa facilities, outdoor swimming pools with landscaping, and fully-equipped rooms featuring a single bathtub and fully enclosed shower cabin. Some accommodation units have seating areas with sofas, while other rooms have a private terrace where guests can enjoy their meals.

The hotel has a spa, sports gym, and indoor pool, and guests can relax in the jacuzzi and get a refreshing massage. Guests can also arrange to rent a car through the hotel’s front desk, and take advantage of the hotel’s laundry service, as well as the 24-hour hotel room service. A fresh and special breakfast buffet is also served every morning. And you can eat traditional meals in the hotel’s restaurant.

It is worth noting that the downtown area is 10 minutes away from the hotel by car, and Cairo International Airport is only 12 miles from the hotel!

  • Marriott Mena House

The Marriott Mena House Pyramid Hotel is positioned with a view of the great historical pyramids of Giza. The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens that extend over ​​40 acres. The hotel includes a spa, fitness center, and a swimming pool. The rooms feature fully handcrafted furniture. The hotel is classified as one of the 5-star hotels, and is considered one of the most important hotels on Haram Street in Cairo.

All accommodation units at Mena House Hotel have air conditioning, luxurious furniture, and seating areas with a flat-screen TV. Each room or suite has a spacious private bathroom with slippers and bathrobes. With a charming view, you can have breakfast in the dining rooms facing the garden, while you get a panoramic view of the Giza pyramids, which are only 700 meters from the hotel.

You can enjoy arranging a horse and camel riding trips in the pyramids area. It is worth noting that Cairo Airport is 30 km away from the hotel, and the Marriott Mena House, located in Giza, is a great place for travelers interested in architecture, culture and archeology.

The hotel offers restaurants that serve international cuisine, snacks, and provides food options for dieters. The hotel offers breakfast meals in an open buffet to all guests, as well as lunch and dinner meals.

  • Le Riad Hotel de Charme

When you head to the heart of Al-Muizz Li Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street, which combines heritage, civilization, and ancient monuments, your eyes will fall on this hotel, which features an arabesque façade.

The meaning and destination of Le Riad Hotel de Charme is “Riad Al-Sihr”, and ‘Riad’ is one of the architectural styles found in Morocco, Syria, and Turkey. It is always formed in luxurious residences and when the owners die, it is abandoned or sold and turned into a hotel.

Le Riad Hotel de Charme is considered one of the finest architectural masterpieces in Egypt, and is classified as an important tourist attraction because of its architectural diversity that highlights the historical development between ages and the diversity of the Pharaonic, Mamluk, and Bedouin styles, which makes it very unique and special among the different styles of the hotels in Cairo and all of Egypt.

Le Riad Hotel de Charme includes 17 suites, each suite separately designed with a different style that highlights the history of Egypt, including 9 suites with a view of the Darb al-Asfar lane with its Islamic Ottoman house such as the House of Suhaimi, and the hotel’s roof is represented by a sparkling oriental garden, the hotel features an enchanting panoramic view of the old Cairo neighborhoods and the minarets of its mosques, as well as Mokattam Mountain and Muhammad Ali Castle. Among the hotel’s wings is a suite called Umm Kulthum and another suite called King Farouk Suite, and every piece of furniture and engineering masterpiece in the hotel is handcrafted by an Egyptian designer without any intervention of a hand with foreign experience.

  • Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah

The Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah Hotel is located in a lush oasis in the heart of Cairo. Although the island region is only 20 minutes away from Tahrir Square by walking and 5 minutes by car, it is known for its calm, peaceful atmosphere. In the district of Zamalek, to which the hotel belongs, residents of the neighborhood are proud of the original architectural character, which dates back to the nineteenth century with tree-lined streets on both sides and adorned with antique shops and elegant heritage and international cafes. In the midst of this, the Sofitel Cairo Nile Hotel occupies the southern part of the island, surrounded by lush gardens and magical views of the Nile.

Al-Zamalek district, which is where the hotel is located, is classified among the finest and most wonderful neighborhoods of Cairo, and it is the ideal choice for culture lovers, and there are many important landmarks, including the Cairo Tower, El Sawy Culture Wheel and the Egyptian Opera House, and they are located a short distance away from the hotel, either by car or on foot. So you can have a closer look at the Egyptian authentic culture and the masterpieces of world ballet at the opera. And by simply strolling on foot and through a number of bridges, you can find yourself in front of the ancient Egyptian Museum, to take a journey on which you walk into the depths of Pharaonic history and the mysteries of its secrets, where the golden treasures of Tutankhamun will dazzle you.

The hotel is characterized by its spacious rooms, overlooking the heart of the city, and it has gyms, spa, swimming pool, and restaurants filled with various oriental and international dishes. Discover 433 luxurious rooms and nearly 50 luxurious suites, with the perfect ballroom for weddings, along with meeting rooms of various capacities.

  • The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa

The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa is located in the heart of New Cairo with a great location in the Fifth Settlement area. The hotel which was established in 2015, is 3.6 km from Gravity Code and has an outdoor swimming pool.

The hotel is characterized by its strategic and vital location in New Cairo, which is full of companies in the business sector, banks, civil communities, and more.

Included in each room in the hotel is a mini-bar, Wi-Fi, and a personal safe, and the rooms have a breathtaking view of the lush surrounding garden with fresh air, and each hotel unit features a bathtub and a separate shower.

The hotel’s restaurant is open daily for breakfast. Wonderful meals are served from the restaurant, which is designed to serve a variety of dishes, including Mediterranean dishes, while the lounge bar provides a sense of relaxation.

There is also a cot, special menus, and a play area for guests with children. Fitness classes are also available at the hotel’s gym.

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