Prepping your wardrobe for Ramadan? Here are the 4 stores where you get the best Abayas!

Get your modest and stylish Abaya now!

Abayas and Kaftans are the authentic eastern and Arab attire that truly represents the Arab’s culture and modesty. Abayas’ legacy goes back hundreds of years back, but over the years it has been modernized and became an endearing and favorite outfit to all, Arabs or not, Hijabis or not, and even both women and men alike.

As we approach the season of the Holy month of Ramadan, it is the highest demand time of the year on Abayas and Kaftans as they are perfect for mosque trips and Taraweh payers. Other than being an essential part of Ramadan rituals for its modest and cultural sense.

Another good thing about Abayas is that they are perfect for both day and night outings as you can pair them with pretty much anything and they’d look stylish and fashionable. During the day, you can easily pair them with jeans and sports shoes to go on your everyday errands looking stylish and feeling comfy. As for night time, Abayas are basically the official outfit for Ramadan night outings as they are the perfect representation of our rich culture and folklore.

If you are getting ready for Ramadan and want to prepare your wardrobe by adding a few authentic yet stylish looking Abayas and Kaftans, here are the best 4 stores to go to to find what you are looking for:

1. Namshi Abayas

Namshi provides a huge variety of Kaftans and Abayas made from pure cotton and other comfy materials in the latest modern designs and styles. If you want to have your pick from Namshi’s various collections, visit Namshi.com and enjoy browsing through their impressive online store.

About Namshi

Namshi.com is a leading fashion e-commerce website in the Middle East Region providing an unmatched various selection of the latest trends and designs in the fashion world.

Namshi provides its customers with great exclusive services, such as free shipping to all Gulf countries, and the ability to exchange orders for free within a 14-day period from purchase.

Namshi is considered to be one of the biggest platforms that give its customers a front-row seat to all the latest fashion trends and directions. It acts as a virtual haven for all young fashion enthusiasts as it is the place where they find the latest and hottest fashion lines easily and conveniently through the brand’s easy to use e-commerce website.
For a more affordable Namshi shopping experience, you can get the Namshi discount coupon from Yajny.com for extra discounts.

2. Souq Abayas

Souq.com provides through its e-commerce platform a wide variety of Abayas and Kaftans ranging from the world’s best and most expensive brands to local and affordable brands. Through Souq.com, you can easily pick the Abaya that suits your budget and taste, order it, and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

About Souq.com

Souq.com didn’t earn the title “Amazon the Middle East” for nothing. It is one of the biggest and most trusted online retailers in the region as it gives a trusted platform for manufacturers to display their products and for consumers to find their shopping needs easily.

Souq.com provides you with a safe and hassle-free shopping experience where you can browse freely through the website’s flexible interface, order what you need, pay for your order in your preferred payment method, and even return it for free if you have any problems with it after delivery.

You can also enjoy a more affordable shopping experience on Souq.com if you use the Souq.com discount coupon to which Yajny gives you exclusive access.

3. Nisnass Abayas

Nisnass takes Abayas and Kaftans to the next level thanks to the brand’s design experts as they merge the original eastern style of Abayas with the flexibility and comfort of modern fashion. You can easily buy yourself a unique Nisnass Abaya or Kaftan through the brand’s flexible e-commerce platform, Nisnass.com.

About Nisnass

Nisnass.com is a fashion specialized e-commerce platform giving al fashion enthusiasts a window on the latest trends and designs in the high-end fashion world. It is mainly focused on the Middle East Region, especially the GCC area, but thanks to their wide delivery range, they are able to deliver high-quality fashion to more places and more people around the world.

If you want to enjoy a Nisnass fashion spree without having to spend too much, head over to Yajny.com and get the Nisnass discount coupon which will grant you an extra discount on all of the brand’s products.

4. Noon Abayas

Noon.com is a versatile e-commerce platform that features different categories of products including eastern modest clothes, such as Abayas and Kaftans in different shapes and styles, and from different brands.

About Noon

Noon.com is an everything e-commerce store offering a huge variety of products to meet the different consuming needs of the market. Noon’s product categories include electronics, fashion, health & beauty, kids’ products, home & kitchen supplies, and more.

Noon also offers their consumers amazing privileges and exclusive perks through their website and through their partnership with Yajny which gives you exclusive access to Noon’s discount coupon which grants you extra discount on all of Noon’s products.

Now that you have your list, you are ready to start prepping your wardrobe for the cozy and heartwarming season of Ramadan by adding a few new trendy yet vintage Abayas. 

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