Here are the 2020 Ramadan TV series coming your way on MBC!

Now that we are closing in on our favorite month of the year, Ramadan, we are all starting to wonder what series will we be watching this year. Especially, since the options are not as many as every year since a lot of shows and series did not complete shooting due to the Coronavirus pandemic which paralyzed more than its fair share of fields. Aside, of course, from our social lives.

However, thankfully, some shows have managed to finish shooting before the Coronavirus breakout and are ready to air this Ramadan season. Which is kind of perfect because while we won’t be able to enjoy all our Ramadan rituals and gatherings, we’ll at least be able to enjoy one tradition: sitting around the TV with our family and watching Ramadan series.

And coming strong into the Ramadan race this year is the MBC network as it has the highest number of Ramadan series airing on its multiple screens, and they go as follows: 

  1. “Valentino” airing on MBC1.
  2. “El Prince” airing on MBC1.
  3. “El Ektyar” airing on MBC Drama.
  4. “Forsa Tanya” airing on MBC Drama.
  5. “Laebet El Nesyan” airing on MBC Misr.
  6. “Sukkar Zeyada” airing on MBC Misr.
  7. “Etnen Fy El-Sandouk” airing on MBC5 & MBC Misr.

1. Valentino

This one is long-awaited by many because it was actually anticipated to air last Ramadan but sadly it did not. Valentino is starring the boss of Egyptian drama and cinema, ‘Al Zaeem’ Adel Emam. Next to Mr. Emam, we will see an impressive selection of talents including Dalia El-Beheiry, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Amr Wahba, Rania Mahmoud Yasen, Badria Tulba, Huda Al-Mofty, Soliman Eid, Hamdy Al-Merghny, in addition to a lot of new faces. Valentino is written by Ayman Bahgat Amar and directed by Ramy Emam.

The show is mainly about a character named ‘Nour Abdel Mageed’ also known as ‘Valentino’ who owns an International School with his wife with whom he starts to have fights and conflicts that lead to a lot of drama and a lot of comedy, which one can only expect from the one and only Adel Emam.

2. El Prince

El Prince stars Muhamed Ramadan alongside a lot of brilliant actors, such as Nour, Ahmed Zaher, Edward, Muhammed Alaa, Muhammed Hatem, Roujina, Naglaa Badr, Reem Samy, Salwa Othman, Rehab El-Gamal, and Marwa El Azaly. It was written and directed by Mohamed Samy.

If you are a regular Muhammed Ramadan fan, then this show won’t disappoint. It has crime, mystery, and romance, all the Muhammed Ramadan specialty. The show revolves around Ramadan’s character, El Prince whose parents die and leave him in charge of a whole lot of responsibilities which we watch him try to unravel throughout the month.

3. El Ekhtyar

Synergy series El Ekhtyar stars Amir Karara, Ahmed El Ewady, Dina Fouad, Islam Gamal, in addition to a selection of impressive guest stars, such as Salah Abdallah, Muhammed Emam, Aser Yasen, Muhammed Ragab, and Eyad Nassar.

El Ekhtyar is a war series based on a true story -as said in the trailer- about the life of Military Commander Ahmed Saber Al Mansy who lost his life fighting off a terrorist attack in the Barth Square ambush in Rafah in 2017. So while it might be a bit heartbreaking, it promises to be worth the watch.

4. Forsa Tanya

Directed by Murcus Adel and written by Mostafa Gamal Hisham, Forsa Tnaya stars Yasmen Sabry alongside Ahmed Magdy, Diab, Heba Magdy, Iten Amer, Ahmed El Shamy, Nehab Anbar, Mahmoud El Bezzawy, and several other brilliant actors.

The Synergy show which can be categorized as a romantic mystery revolves around engineer Malak who goes through a lot of relationships that ultimately fail due to being too busy with work, but throughout the series, we witness the dramatic dilemma she ends up finding herself in.

5. Laebet el Nesyan

If we are going by last Ramadan’s hits, then odds are Dina El Sherbiny’s Laebet el Nesyan is going to be the talk of the people this Ramadan. Dina El Sherbiny shares the screen with a lot of big names, such as Ragaa El Gedawy, Ahmed Dawood, Engi El Mokadem, and Ali Kasem.

Laebet el Nesyan is written by the popular scriptwriter Tamer Habeb and directed by Hany Khalifa. It tells the story of a middle-class woman whose life completely alters when she loses her memory and she finds herself stuck in a grey area between her unfamiliar past and confusing preset.

6. Sukkar Zeyada

Sukkar Zeyada is already the talk of a lot of people and Ramadan hasn’t even begun yet. The reason is that the comedy stars a group of megastars sharing the screen for the first time in history: Nabila Ebeid, Nadia Elgendy, Huda Sultan, and Hala Fakher.

As if that weren’t enough the series also features a lot of other talented stars like Ahmed El Sakka, Ahmed Fahmi, Roujina, Bayoumy Foad, Moustafa Abou Saree, Mayan El Sayed, Badreya Tulba, Hanady Mehana, Khaled Anwar, Soliman, Hayfaa Wahby, and for the first time ever, Nancy Agram. That’s in addition to the names we don’t know yet!

From the trailer, we know that the show is about conflict around a villa between four ladies who have been swindled and can’t come to a decision as to who gets to live in it. Also from the trailer, we can tell that it is gonna be pretty funny, so if you are into light comedy, put it on your watchlist!

7. Etnen Fy El-Sandouk

Etnen Fy Sandouk is a comedy written by Loay El Sayed, directed by Muhammed Mostafa, and produced by E-producers. The series stars young comedians OusOus and Hamdy El Marghany acting alongside stars Salah Abdallah, Mahmoud El BEzzawy, Instar, Hagag Abdel Azeem, Bayoumi Foad, and Noha Abdeen.

The show talks about the lives of cleaning workers and garbage men and the problems they face daily but in a funny way and from a comedic perspective.


We wish you enjoy watching this Ramadan goodness and have a blessed month alongside your families and loved ones. Ramadan Mubarak, Everyone!

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