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Your Favorite Gadgets are now within your Budget with the Black Box Cashback!

Shopping for electronics, gadgets, and home appliances is never easy on the pockets. Especially since it is extremely crucial to buy your electronics in trusted brands, you can’t go for cheaper alternatives, or else you’ll regret it in the future.

Thankfully, there is a way around this hard equation through which you can actually buy high-quality trusted electronics and appliances and not go over your budget’s limit. How? By shopping with the Black Box cashback service which Yajny exclusively offers you.

Before we explain what is the Black Box cashback and how will it help you with your gadget haunt, let us tell you a little bit about Black Box in case you weren’t familiar with it.

About Black Box:

Black Boc is an electronics e-commerce platform that offers world-leading brands and supplies a wide variety of electronics, gadgets, and home appliances, such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, audio systems, IT connections, and a lot more.

Black Box company has developed their online platform to give their users the ability to have an easy, cost-effective, and complete shopping experience through an easy-to-use e-commerce interface, advanced technical support, comprehensive after-sales services, flexible payment methods, and a series of different offers and competitive deals like the Black Box Cashback service.

The Black Box Cashback service:

The Black Box cashback service is one of the many things that make Black Box the perfect destination for gadgets-shopaholics because it lets you make your wildest electronics dreams come to life without having to go broke.

The way the Black Box cashback works is that it takes out a percentage of the total amount of money you pay while shopping then gives it back to you through your Yajny balance. This cashback percentage is automatically increased by your purchases, meaning that the more Black Box purchases you make, the more cashback money you’ll get back in your Yajny wallet.

This service is easy to use and benefit from through Yajny.com, and here is how…

How to use the Black Box cashback service?

  1. Register to Yajny.com using your Facebook account or email account.
  2. Once you log into Yajny for the first time, a 55-dollar welcome bonus will be automatically added to your account’s wallet where it will remain pending until you make your first online purchase through Yajny with a minimum value of 25$.
  3. Once you are on the Yajny website, head over to the Black Box store page.
  4. On the Black Box page, you’ll find that Yajny has divided the Black Box products into cashback categories, read the description of each category, then choose the category that suits your needs.
  5. Once you choose your preferred category, click on the “shop now” button next to it, and Yajny will automatically redirect you to the Black Box website.
  6. To transfer you to the BlackBox.com, Yajny will redirect you through a tracking page that will, in turn, track your purchasing actions to be able to calculate your deserved cashback percentage accordingly.
  7. This page does not track any personal data like your account’s information, wallet, or private data, all it tracks is your purchases to calculate the cashback money.
  8. Therefore, make sure not to close the page you have been transferred to while shopping so that you don’t lose your shot at the Black Box cashback money.
  9. One more thing you’ll need to make sure of is that your Black Box shopping cart must be empty when you get transferred from Yajny to Black Box so that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately according to the purchases you make through Yajny.
  10. Now you can pick out your wanted items, add them to your shopping cart, then proceed to checkout as usual from the same page you have been transferred to.
  11. Within 2 business days, the money will be added to your Yajny account. You will have the ability to transfer it to your PayPal account and withdraw it after a period of 45 days.

If you follow these few simple steps, you are guaranteed to earn money on all your Black Box purchases, and therefore, guaranteed a complete and effective shopping experience in terms of both quality and cost.

If you want to know more about what types of products and brands you can have access to through the Black Box online store, you can visit their website through Yajny.com and know more for yourself. 

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