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6 redecorating tips that will make you fall in love with your home again during this quarantine!

Now that we are stuck at home due to the coronavirus-caused quarantine, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get around with that redecoration task you have been putting off for years.

Decorating your home by your own hands has a different feel to it, other than it being a lot more affordable than asking a professional to do, it also adds a personal intimate feel on your home, one that you can’t really buy at the store.

And since we are staying at home now anyway, seems like it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start working on creating your dream home by yourself! Of course, you are gonna need a few inspirations, and that’s what we are here for! The following list has a few ideas, tips & tricks that will help you redecorate your house and have while doing it, enjoy!

1. Bring a little nature into the house

Just because you can’t go outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring outside to you! Spreading a few plants, a punch of flower bouquets arranged artistically, or even a fake water fountain all around the living room or the entrance of your house will, for sure bring a cheerful open feel to your home space.

Of course, if anyone is allergic or you are not up to taking care of natural plants, you can always get fake flowers and plants, as long as they’re natural-looking ones and you make the dust off of them. Because let’s face it, we all need to see more green in our current indoor lives.

2. Rearrange the carpets

A new carpet could completely change the way a room looks and gives an extra pop you didn’t know it needed. Shuffle off the carpets you have in your house and put a new carpet in every room, and with this one simple step, you will feel like you have redecorated the entire room. You can go the extra mile also change the way you are putting out the carpet, i.e., you can add a new corner carpet to a room where there wasn’t one, or you can hang a small carpet on the wall like a painting if you are going for an oriental style.

Needless to say, you have to keep in mind while changing the carpets that every carpet goes perfectly with its new room, color-wise and style-wise.

3. Rearrange the living room

The living room is the room everyone hangs out in, and now that the entire family is staying at home all day, it is natural to find yourself growing a bit bored with the living room’s style after a little while. However, that’s not something a little redecorating remedy can’t fix.

Move that vase that has been on the same table for ages, add some artistic touches to the furniture, place out some new scented candles, and a few small souvenirs to add a personal and artistic touch to the place.

You can also dust off some old paintings or personal photographs and hang them around the empty walls of the living room. For an extra artistic touch, you can hand stitch some new patterns on your old curtains to bring out the color in the room.

4. Change the color of the walls

You’d be really surprised to see what a simple paint job would do to the look of your house. Pick out new and light colors for the small and confined rooms, such as the bathroom and the children’s room so that it looks wider and more welcoming.

It would also do a huge difference if you switched up any old traditional wall colors with some new and bright colors, even if in one wall or a corner. This will revive the room and give it a vibrant feeling, which, let’s face, we could all use nowadays.

5. Redecorate the dining room

Recycle old decorative pieced and add some modern touches to them to make them feel like new again. For example, you can new pillowcases for your old pillows from any fabric you got laying around or even some old clothes. You can also add some modern artistic touches to your old vases by placing some buttons or gemstones on them. This way, you won’t have to spend anything or go anywhere, and you’ll still be able to feel like you got yourself a new dining room decoration.

6. Fill in the empty corners

An empty corner in the house is a sad one, so let’s fill it up and make it happy. Bring out some old pillows, craft some artistic ornaments on them, get a bench, put the bench in the empty corner, and put the pillows on the bench. Now, you’ve got yourself a whole new and cozy corner in the house.

You can also hang some wooden or metal shelves on the wall, put some books, CDs, and some flowers, and you will have got yourself a whole new library corner.

We hope these ideas prove to be useful to you and encourage you to take the step and redecorate. Quarantine or not, your home should always be a happy place where you’d want to stay a long time, even when you don’t have to. 


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