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The various types of products bearing the Carrefour trademark along with the service packages that meet the same standards are subject to quality controls and the delivery of efficient products at a fair price. Carrefour understands that both the assets and conditions of production of its products must be covered by ensuring compliance with the market requirements regarding food and environmental safety within the selection processes. The product and its marketing.

Carrefour adopts carefully considering its customers’ expectations regarding innovation and ethics in choosing the products and services that we offer. The chain’s pricing strategy is to provide the best price and quality relationship that will benefit everyone: producer, manufacturer, and consumer.

Standard List

As Carrefour is an effective food retailer, wherever possible, short supply chains are preferred that make it possible to promote the products of local producers while ensuring the freshness and freshness of the products.

On a daily basis, Carrefour’s artisans, market gardener, cheesemakers, bakers, butchers, and fish merchants use their authentic expertise to select the high-quality products that they prepare and serve.

The food products bearing the Carrefour brand meet the basic requirements of its customers with all the desired guarantees in terms of quality and safety at a fair price.

The priority actions of the “Act for Food” program are also giving renewed momentum to the food products marketed by Carrefour, with an increase in the number of organic products, national products, products “devoid of certain nutrients” and products that respect animal welfare and plant nutrition philosophies.

Consumption habits change over time, and in response to new needs, Carrefour adapts its non-food offerings by focusing on the areas that most appeal to its customers: childcare, household, textiles, and seasonal products.

To tackle new consumption patterns, Carrefour is ramping up its multi-channel strategy, drawing on subsidiaries such as rueducommerce, the pioneer of non-food e-commerce in France.

Partnerships for quality

Carrefour also has innovative partnerships with specialist players such as Fnac-Darty. This strategic alliance enables it to jointly negotiate the terms of purchase for electronic and home appliances for the general public in a context of ever-increasing competitiveness.

A high-profile approach is being implemented in several countries where Carrefour is marketing for its operations in various product areas including electronics, home appliances, and more. Carrefour’s partnerships with relevant manufacturers enable lower management costs and increase sales in targeted non-food product ranges.

Multiple Services

Carrefour offers its customers a wide range of local services ranging from package collection to car rental, health and beauty product services, and fuel delivery.

Financial and insurance services are also provided, as well as entertainment offers by travel agencies or event tickets and photography services at many stores and malls around the world. In each sector, Carrefour deploys experienced professionals to create a dynamic offering that delivers tangible benefits at prices that are among the most attractive in the market.

Carrefour teams ensure direct access to all services, with reception areas or designated service areas nearby. These services can be accessed online or via mobile applications as part of the outlet integration approach. So you can book tickets for a show and get a package from your store, apply for insurance online, come and discuss the matter with a Carrefour Bank consultant, or buy a vacation in the Carrefour travel agency area and hand the reservation to your mobile phone. A major asset to clients is the many inter-related benefits that are offered to them. Besides exclusive promotions on travel, ticketing, and rental, customers who use Carrefour bank cards benefit from additional discounts or preferred financing options.

A look at Carrefour’s current product offers

Home Appliances

Source: carrefourksa.com

Smart Devices

Source: carrefourksa.com

 Baby Products

Source: carrefourksa.com

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