It’s Egyptian Valentine’s Day!

Egypt celebrates the Egyptian Valentine’s Day on November 4th. Mustafa Amin, Egypt’s late great journalist and columnist, proposed declaring Thursday as a national day of love and tolerance in 1988.

In an interview, his daughter Safia explained why he chose November 4th: one day, her father witnessed three people watching the burial of a dead guy. Amin was taken aback because Egyptians had always participated in such events, Then he proposed that the day of this horrible incident be commemorated as an Egyptian Valentine’s Day to promote love, tolerance, and acceptance.

It’s worth noting that on February 14th, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, which commemorates the execution of Priest Valentine, who witnessed numerous Roman couples secretly marrying in violation of the regulations enacted by the Roman Emperor Aurelian in the third century.

Lovers are required to buy gifts for their spouses on both International and Egyptian Valentine’s Day. They also go on dates and communicate their feelings for their partners. Flowers and chocolates are the most popular gifts in Egypt.

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