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How to Manage the 2020-2021 Back To School Shopping?

With the start of the 2020-2021 school year approaching and kids start to return to their school all over our Arab world, parents are scrambling on all fronts. At first, they wonder, will my child’s school open in the first place? Will there be a hybrid choice between learning at school and at home? How will it be optional? Should I send my child to school? Too many things are on the minds of all parents.

So as life changes post-coronavirus, enormous doubts remain in the minds of most people – some do not even consider preparing school supplies for their categorical refusal to let their children out. Some think: What to buy if we do not know where our child will be, or what their daily schedule will look like? Does he/she need a backpack? How about this outfit? Will we need a dedicated study and workspace at home?

It is understood that consumers enter this back to school shopping season with caution, and the only thing we know is that schooling will begin, and one way or another, our children will need their study supplies. There are so many insights and questions that need answers. So here’s how parents should approach this back to school shopping season and how to manage it the best way possible…

In the beginning, here are some stats that will support you intellectually for an ideal point of view:

  • 1 in 3 back-to-school shoppers plans to spend less this year compared to last year.
  • There is a high demand for COVID-19 protective gear with 74% of shoppers planning to purchase hand sanitizer, and 73% buying face masks.
  • 16% of shoppers plan to do their shopping in traditional stores, while 22% plan to shop entirely online. The hybrid option that mixes the two is the most popular choice – 59% plan to shop online and traditional.
  • Price availability (76%), product availability (63%), and free shipping (46%) are some of the biggest factors taken into consideration for choosing where to shop. Only 16% of shoppers said that corporate policies play a role in determining where to shop.
  • According to the Retail Indicators Survey, a third (33%) of parents expect they will spend less on school requirements overall, while only 20% say they expect to spend more. The lower spending may reflect the fact that, with many children beginning the school year at home, there is no need for some high-cost items like new clothes, shoes, and backpacks. Also, many of the usual classroom items – like dry-erase pens, tissue boxes, etc. – are no longer necessary or required.
  • Of course, last year, the focus on cleansers and face masks wasn’t on the radar. Now, nearly three-quarters (74%) of parents this year say they plan to include hand sanitizer in their back to school shopping list, 64% plan to buy disinfectant wipes, and 73% of parents plan to spend money on face covers for their children for this back to school season.
  • As parents prepare to learn at home, you may expect to see a significant increase in spending on electronics. Since virtual learning is mandatory – or even just a strong possibility – for most families, it stands to reason that parents might need a budget for new laptops and tablets. While many can get some extra hand sanitizers without hurting their budget, a new laptop or tablet is a great buy. Only one in three parents say they plan to spend more in this category this year. In fact, 35% said they expect different spending on these items than they did in 2019.

Shopping Tips for 2020-2021 Back to School Season:

  • Get an explanation from your school or the Department of Education about what they are offering families for the next year. Wait before you buy a new laptop or a tablet, for example, until you know if the school will provide you with one.
  • If your family is in need, and there are many of them under the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on our world, seek help from the school or school district. Explain your needs and ask them if they would be of any help.
  • When shopping, try to save as much money as you can. Take a close look at what your child needed, in previous years, you might have bought scissors, crayons, and brand new folders to celebrate the start of the school year, but this year is different, people are looking to save wherever they can – school supplies are no exception to thrift. See what you already have for your children before making new purchases.
  • For those who know their child will be home, organize their study space before shopping, and carefully plan purchases. Some platforms offer tips on how to design a workspace for your kids, after which you can start deciding what will be needed to purchase.
  • Use the cashback services that you can find on our website Yajny.com in many stores of all levels in the Middle East, as well as the exclusive discount coupons. Always if you shop online, consider using Yajny, which rewards you with every shopping transaction with cashback profits and discounts through exclusive discount codes.
  • Consider not buying in bulk, as you obviously won’t need 200 pencils for your child.
  • The year 2020 has affected us all and turned the tables upside down, and the willingness to send our precious little creatures to school is frightening and full of anxiety and uncertainty. The only thing we can control is how to prepare, and make a good plan for it, so think about all possible school options and be ready for it.
  • Be mindful of what you are buying, and only buy after imagining the work and study space of your child at home and the needs he or she requires in the classroom. Only buy essentials.

Lastly, we wish you all a happy, successful, and most importantly, safe school year! 

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