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How to Choose the Perfect Color for the Perfect Mood of Each Corner in Your Home!

Have you ever noticed how a certain color can put you in a certain mood? Well that’s because, there is a clear relationship between colors and emotions! Colors can influence a person’s behavior because they can change the way they feel. They can affect moods, feelings and emotions, regardless of the color you are attracted to, colors imprint themselves in your subconscious and every color pattern represents a certain memory you may have lived, this is especially true with sensitive and emotional people who tend to create an emotional connection to every physical memory.

Ancient societies and civilizations such as the Egyptians and Chinese used color as a sort of treatment and healing, and this is still used today in certain cultures as an alternative healing method in different situations. For example, red is used to stimulate the body and mind and increase blood circulation, and yellow is used to cleanse and stimulate the nerves. While it is believed that orange helps maintain the lungs and body energy, while blue is known as a comfortable color, and is used to treat pain.

Therefore, we can definitely treat colors as one of the key elements of design, and by understanding the relationship between color and mood, you can reach a more defined strategy to your interior design. And just for fun and to get you started, we will share with you a few of the most popularly known color theories and how you can use them to design your home to your desired mood.

So, without further ado, let’s dig right into our colorful list…

Blue for relaxing

Blue is the color of the sea and the sky, which are both symbols of relaxing and unwinding.

Blue has a pleasant natural look that creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and invites you to escape. Above, you can see an elegant living room decorated in shades of blue that gives off the very same relaxing and calming vibes.

Red, Yellow, and Orange for an upbeat and an energetic feel

Bright shades have the power to energize us, so they should be kept away from living and sleeping spaces, energizing colors are ideal for rooms that are all about preparing and enjoying food, such as the kitchen or dining room.

Green and the power of nature

Green has the power to make us feel peaceful and secure, as well as connect with nature. The merging of all white rooms with green add-ons gives a pop up to the fresh and calm white shade while bringing a part of nature’s beauty indoors.

Grey & Beige as neutral forces

They are calm and consistent colors, they can dilute other vibrant hues, and are perfect shades for unifying a range of décor options in both large and small spaces.

Finally, it is important to remember that the strategic use of color not only creates the moods of the interior you choose, it creates visual perspectives that make your home a piece of art. This has a grave effect on your home and your life in it, so make sure to choose your colors carefully so that they can mirror your personality and mood perfectly.

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