Going Back to the Gym? Foot Locker Cashback is here for your sports shopping!

As life starts to go back to its pre-corona state steadily and slowly, a lot of our go-to places which had shut down are starting to open back up, and naturally, most of us are extremely excited about that. One of those places that we have truly missed is the gym. Gyms have been closed for months now and to those of us who ere used to work out in the gym on a regular basis, it has been quite the tough process to get used to not being able to go to gyms at all.

However, thankfully, gyms are now opening back up, so it is time to get our workout gear ready for a lot of make-up workout sessions. And there is no better place to that than Foot Locker. And there is no better way to do it than by using the Foot Locker cashback service Yajny offers.

Why Foot Locker?

Well, not that it needs any introduction, but for those who don’t know, Foot Locker happens to be one of the most leading international sportswear and footwear retailers in the world. The New York-headquartered company operates out of over 3000 sportswear stores in 27 different countries around the world, that is in addition to their website and mobile applications.

To match every taste and meet every need, Foot Locker manages and offers a portfolio of different brands under its umbrella, that includes Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Runners Point, Footactoin, Sidestep, and Eastbay.

Naturally, over the years, Foot Locker has earned the reputation for being the go-to sports brand for athletes and one of the most trusted sportswear stores in the world. However, despite rightfully gaining that high-end status, Foot Locker never shifted their sight off of their original goal and purpose which is to inspire and empower youth culture around the world. And this is why they go out of their way to make sure that their state-of-the-art products are available and accessible to everyone everywhere.

To achieve that goal, they did two things; they expanded their branches and made their online platforms extremely convenient and easy to use, and they provided several deals and offers that make their class-A quality products a lot more affordable to all customers alike. Hence, the Foot Locker Cashback service.

The Foot Locker Cashback:

The Foot Locker Cashback is a promotional service that allows you (the shopper) to earn back some of the money you initially paid while shopping for Foot Locker’s sports gear. This money is a cashback percentage that is taken out of the total amount of money you pay, therefore, the more purchases you make and more money you initially pay, the more cashback money you’ll get back.

This service is exclusively available on Yajny.com thanks to Foot Locker’s collaborations with Yajny. So if you would like to be one of the lucky ones who take advantage of it, follow the below steps:

How does the Foot Locker cashback work?

  1. Register to Yajny with your email or Facebook account.
  2. Once you sign into Yajny for the first time, you will get a 5-dollar welcome bonus in your Yajny wallet which you can withdraw only after you make your first online purchase through Yajny with the minimum value of 25$.
  3. Now head on to the Foot Locker store page which can be found in the ‘All Stores’ section of Yajny or by using the Yajny search bar.
  4. On the store page, you will find the available Foot Locker cashback category with an attached ‘Shop Now’ button, click on it.
  5. After pressing the ‘Shop Now’ button, you will be automatically redirected from Yajny to Foot Locker’s website by a tracking page that tracks all your purchases to be able to calculate your cashback percentage accordingly.
  6. Note that this page only tracks your purchases and shopping, it does not track or have access to any private or personal information.
  7. Once you are transferred, make sure you don’t lose that tracking link so that you don’t lose your shot at the cashback money, and also make sure your Foot Locker shopping basket is empty so that your cashback percentage can be calculated accurately.
  8. Now you can start your shopping by picking out all your Foot Locker wanted items and adding them to your shopping basket.
  9. After you are done with your shopping, proceed to checkout as usual and within two business days, you will find the cashback money added to your Yajny wallet.
  10. After 45 days, you will be able to transfer that money to your personal PayPal account so you can withdraw it or do with it as you please.
And that is how you can get a whole new workout gear at a much cheaper cost and while shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?


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