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The Gap Cashback & Coupons: Your Doorway to Affordable Style!

Wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever your style may be, one thing for sure is that at one point in time you most probably shopped at the Gap, and most probably still do. Why? Because it has something for everyone and it just so happens to be one of the most trusted fashion brands in the world.

So wouldn’t be great if you can buy more of Gap’s stylish products for less money? How can you do that, you ask? You shop using the Gap cashback service which will give you up to 5% of your money back on all of your Gap purchases. You can also use the Gap discount coupon and get an extra 10% off. This lets you save up to 15% on all of your GAP shopping, all while shopping from the comfort of your own couch. How? By shopping through one of the best offers platforms in the Middle East region, Yajny.com

Before we tell you more about all the Gap’s hot deals Yajny offers and how you can benefit from them, let us, first, tell you why Gap has been, continues to be, and probably always will be the perfect fashion destination where shopping dreams come true.

Why GAP?

  • Up to date cutting-edge designs with a unique flair that allows you to stand out.
  • HUGE variety of products covering everything from dresses to socks, and from scarfs to protective face masks.
  • Whether you are shopping for yourself, your significant other, your kids, or even your newborn babies, Gap’s multiple departments have got you all covered.
  • As a brand, Gap has over 50 years of experience under its belt, so you can gladly put your trust issues to rest.
  • Wide accessibility thanks to their 90 store branches around the world and worldwide shipping.
  • An extremely easy-to-use one-stop e-commerce shop where you can shop by department, by category, or by occasion.
  • Access to the company’s 7 different brands that operate under Gap’s big umbrella.
  • Reasonable prices made even more affordable with the brand’s regular and seasonal offers, such as coupons and cashback.

So now that we have covered just a few of the reasons why GAP is everything an enthusiastic shopper needs and more, let’s move on to how you can save up on all the enthusiastic shopping you are going to do.

Other than the offers and promotions Gap offers through its website, the brand has also collaborated with Yajny.com to offer its audience access to the Gap cashback service and discount coupons through Yajny’s platform. So what are these services and how you can benefit from them? Let’s find out!

The Gap Cashback Service:

The Gap cashback is a shopping solution that lets you (the shopper) earn back some of the money you spent while shopping and have it deposited in your personal PayPal account. This is what is called a cashback percentage, this cashback percentage is cut out of the total of your spendings, therefore, the more purchases you initially make and the more money you spend while shopping, the more cashback money you’ll later earn back. This service is exclusively through Yajny.com, the following will explain -in steps- how you can utilize it:

How to use the Gap cashback service?

  1. First of all, you’ll need to register to Yajny.com using either your Facebook account or email account.
  2. Once you sign in to Yajny.com for the first time, you will instantly receive a 5-dollars welcome bonus which will remain pending in your Yajny wallet until you complete your first online purchase through Yajny for at least 25$.
  3. The next step is to go to the Gap store page which you will be able to find in the ‘All Stores’ section of the website or by typing the store’s name in the Yajny search bar.
  4. On the Gap store page, you will find the currently available cashback category with an attached ‘Shop Now’ button, click on it to get to Gap.com.
  5. To transfer you to Gap.com, Yajny uses a tracking link that tracks your purchases and shopping actions so that Yajny can calculate your cashback percentage accordingly.
  6. This tracking link can NOT, at all, track or access your personal or private information, it only tracks the purchases you make so that it can calculate the cashback percentage you will earn accordingly.
  7. So make sure that when you are transferred from Yajny to Gap.com, you don’t close the page Yajny transferred you to so that you don’t lose your chance at earning the cashback money.
  8. You will also need to make sure that your Gap shopping cart is empty when you get transferred from Yajny in order for your cashback percentage to be calculated accurately and according to the new purchases you made through Yajny.com.
  9. After you pick out all the fashionable Gap products that you would like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.
  10. In a matter of two business days from your checkout, you will find the cashback money added to your Yajny’s balance.
    After a period of 45 days, you will have the ability to transfer that money to your personal PayPal account so that you can withdraw it in cash or maybe use it in more online shopping.

Now on to the Gap discount coupons…

The Gap Discount Coupons

Like all coupon models, the Gap coupons provide a special extra discount on all of the brand’s various products. It can also be found through Yajny.com and is quite easily used.

How to use the Gap coupons?

  1. If you haven’t when we told you the first time, register to Yajny with your email or Facebook account.
  2. Once you are signed into Yajny, head for the Gap store page, as explained above.
  3. When you are on the Gap page store, you will see the available Gap coupon codes. Choose one and click on it to copy it.
  4. Afterward, click on the “shop now” button, and you’ll be automatically redirected over to Gap.com
  5. Shop as usual, and when you are done, proceed to check out.
  6. This is the point where you’ll see the slot where you are supposed to paste the Gap coupon code you got from Yajny. Once you do paste it, you’ll see that the promised discount amount has been deducted from your receipt right away.

Whether you decide to use any of the Gap discount coupons alone or the Gap cashback service alone, you’ll be able to save a great deal on your Gap shopping. But using both together will let you save up more than you thought was possible.

So go ahead, give it a try, and let us know what you think. 


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