Everything you need to know about the Plague Tale Innocence Game!

Our appointment today with a detailed report from the blog presented specifically for fans of virtual digital games, we offer you a review of the virtual game Plague Tale Innocence, which is classified as a black horse for the year 2019 along the year 2020, the game had emerged from non-existence overnight as no one had Introduction about the game or it is undergoing a development process, and even before its release the game did not witness a major advertising campaign.

Since the release of the A Plague Tale Innocence virtual plague game, the game developer Asobo has surprised us with an exquisite masterpiece and official elements, the official design creativity is wonderful and the story drama and dialogic texts are fantastic to the maximum.

If you haven’t yet tried the A Plague Tale Innocence plague game you now have an opportunity to play the game completely FREE demo as the Asobo team and the publishing company Focus Home Interactive offer a free version of the game.

The dramatic and expressive story of the game takes place within a very tragic and gloomy world in the early years of the Hundred Years War, and the sad nature and suffering in the game is compounded by the emergence of plague disease in this era by the spread of deadly rat swarms.

And within the current reality and what we are witnessing the spread of the Corona virus and the global pandemic that followed its start in China to its transmission to the countries of the world, the game is similar to standing in front of a global epidemic, a treatment has not been explored for it yet. .

In the game, you will have control over the Amicia character who strives to escape the agony and hell of the city and with her brother Hugo, Amicia has convoys of enemies and dangerous events to confront, and of course the swarms of rats spread as the first enemy where the plague is spread everywhere so it is always necessary to walk in Places with some light and try to avoid dark places.

In addition to the flocks of rats, Amicia faces other classes of enemies, whether the military or bandits and thieves, but most important of all is the Inquisition and its mysterious leader Vitalis who sends a loyal follower, Prince Nicolas, behind the lethality of both Amicia and Hugo.

It is worth noting that Prince Nicolas is extremely violent, enduringly angry, and dreads the residents with his name being mentioned. He is also very stubborn and does not stop the hunt for both Amicia and Hugo.

The events of the virtual plague game A Plague Tale Innocence occur in the year 1348, when an invasion of the country plague occurs with the spread of rats and at the same time the government is trying to reach a remedy by searching for the little child Hugo whose blood contains the antidote according to the game.

The expressive and performance story of the game is very distinctive and the number of characters is not large but the characters are backed and polished in an indescribable splendor of design or style of dialogue and dynamic movement realistic, the character Amicia is very wonderful and incredibly breathtaking, and it is natural to fall in love with her.

As the game revolves, you are taken to many different areas, including palaces and luxurious cathedrals, as well as places of extreme poverty and riffs. Of course, the game in general speaks a gloomy spirit dominated by gray color, so that the suffering of the game’s heroes is simulated in a realistic way.

A Plague Tale: Innocence developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive and classified as action and action games. The game supports individual story-centered performance, and the game is released on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

If you are in the process of free version of the game then the first chapter of events will provide an exploration of the beginning of the relationship between Hugo and his sister Amicia. Of course, we recommend you if you have not tried the game before you download the free version of the game for at least the first performance, and we promise you enjoy it a lot.

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