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Coronavirus: 7 Hidden Blessings of this Quarantine!

A blessing in disguise is still a blessing, right?

As the Coronavirus global pandemic continues to force us into staying inside and quarantine ourselves from the outside world, we are all starting to grow tired and frustrated with the current situation. It is easy to lose sight of hope when your mind is deep into panic and despair, which is why it is important to keep a positive outlook on things.

Some of you may say that there is nothing positive about the current situation. However, the thing that you not have paid attention to is that this pandemic and mandatory quarantine -just like any other adversity- has a silver lining to it, or dare we say, blessings? Yes, blessings, but because they’re blessings in disguise, we are here to show them for you, one by one.

1. The gift of time

Granted, this may seem like a cliché, but looking at it, who of us didn’t -at some point- wish the day was longer or that they had more time throughout the day to do everything they wanted to do. We used to rush through life running after the clock.

However, now, most of us have the ability to take things slower without the consistent panic element. You can spend some real quality time with your family, finish that book that has been on your nightstand for months, check on that old friend you were always meaning to call, cook that meal you never had time to cook, and most importantly, take a breather in between.

2. The ability to care for your health

How many times did you wish you could be healthier but never did anything about it?
Now you can and should since the world is facing an outbreak of a virus that attacks the immune system.

Start working out at home (yes that works too), go on a diet and actually stick to it, learn to make healthier food, and go on a sleeping schedule that gives your body the rest it needs, because guess what you don’t have to sleep for just 4 hours a day anymore.

Most importantly, start caring for your immune system to shield yourself against the COVID-19 virus. Give your body more vitamin C, drink more water, quit smoking (if you’re a smoker), stay away from antibiotics, and do whatever you can do to keep your body healthy, strong, and in its best shape.

This way, after this pandemic is over, you will have achieved one of your long-awaited goals.

3. Learning Something New

No matter how organized, efficient, and hard-working you may be, none of us is 100% satisfied with ourselves, nor should we be. There is always more room to grow and improve something about yourself or your life. And thanks to this mandatory quarantine, you finally have the chance to.

Whatever it is the skill you always wanted to learn, now is your chance to do it. How, you ask?

  • Start by making a list of all the things you always said you wanted to learn or the things that can be helpful to you in your line of work.
  • Start Googling said skills and looking for online courses. Thankfully, as a form of a good gesture, some of the best online courses platforms, such as Coursera & Udemy are offering their materials for free or with a discount during this quarantine time.
  • Having found the online course you need, start scheduling your sessions, and start learning right away.

Seeing how we are in quarantine and there is very little to do, try -if you can- to make the best of your time and schedule more than one course at the same time, this way you could get more certificates in less time. Also, this way, after this global crisis is all resolved, you will be able to come back out to the world with a better and stronger version of yourself.

4. The chance to work on yourself mentally

In our regular busy pre-quarantine life, we didn’t always have the time or mindset to take a step back and take care of ourselves, mentally.

One of the hidden blessings of this Coronavirus pandemic is that we were forced to spend time with ourselves and reflect on all of our inner thoughts that we usually distracted ourselves from.

Sure, being forced to stay in the house can take a toll on your state of mind, but it can also be looked at as a chance to try to fix ourselves from the inside out. A chance to recognize all the toxic harmful factors in your life and cut them out. A chance to add a new useful and calming habit to your everyday routine, such as meditation or breathing exercises. But more importantly, the chance to know yourself more and learn to care for it better.

5. Appreciating all the things we took for granted

A a result of this mandatory quarantine, we were all forced to give up on a lot of things in or lives, going to work, going to our favorite coffee shop, eating out with our friends, traveling, and a lot more simple joys that we took for granted.

But now having been deprived of all said joys, we have come to appreciate them in a way we never thought we could.

6. Giving the planet its much-needed break

Granted the world is facing a dangerous pandemic. But while we were all forced to stay at home, the earth was given its long-overdue chance to breathe and heal. Animals that has disappeared from their natural habitants started showing up again, air pollution has been drastically decreased, and even the O-Zone layer has started to recover. So when you find yourself getting frustrated with this whole quarantine thing, just remind yourself that you are now participating in saving the planet. That has to be worth it, doesn’t it?

7. The chance to get closer to God

Despite having several hidden crises, the fact remains that what the world is facing is a global crisis, a hidden enemy wiping out souls without warning. And it is times like these that we have don’t know what to do but to pray for God to look after us and keep us out of harm’s way.

Feeling helpless, scared, and constantly anxious has none but one cure, throw your hands up and ask our creator for help. Getting closer to God at a time like this could be one of the very few things that keep sane and keep your hope alive. Because like all other paralyzing crises, God is the only one capable of saving humanity and maintaining the balance.

So whatever your religion is, use this extra time on your hands to pray, pray for the souls that were lost to this disease, pray for those who lost their loved ones, those who can’t be with their families, and most importantly, pray for the heroes of the medical profession fighting this invisible enemy at the frontlines and risking their lives to protect ours. Wherever you are, whatever it is you are through, just pray, we guarantee, he’s listening.

On that note, we must state that no one is or can sugarcoat the truth. The world is facing some truly hard and testing times. We are NOT claiming it is all rainbows and roses or that you are not entitled to your fear, panic, and frustration.

On the contrary, we are acknowledging the very hard and alarming truth here, while merely trying to help you and ourselves survive it with as much sanity, hope, and faith as possible. Because even though the world has handed us a truly sour lemon this time, we believe we can still -if we try hard enough, make lemonade out of it.

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