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Can’t Go on a Summer Vacation? Bring Summer to your Own Home!

It is summertime, which means that it is that time of year when we usually spend our time getting tanned on the side of the beach while enjoying an ice-cold beverage in our breezy beach outfits.
However, due to the whole Coronavirus global pandemic situation, and even though a lot of beaches are opening back up, a lot of us are still too intimated and scared to go out there, and rightfully so. But while being health-conscious and staying at home does help save your life and the lives of those around, it still feels like it is stealing your summer from you. Because instead of laying on the sandy beach, you are still laying on your couch, the same couch you have been laying on all thorough quarantine.

However, I bet you didn’t know that there is a way around this summer funk, a fix with which you can enjoy your summer without having to leave your house or risk your life at all. It is quite simple, really. If you can’t go out on Summer vacation, bring those unmatched summer vibes right to your own home. How, you ask? We’re about to show you.

Through making the few following changes to your home and day-to-day routine, you can easily bring the summertime fun right to you. So let’s get started…

1. Bring Colors Inside

One of the most distinct things about summer is the vibrant color pallets. Everything is colorful, the flowers are fully bloomed, the trees couldn’t be greener, the sky is blazing blue made breathtakingly gorgeous with the prolonged orange and pink sunsets.

So if you want to bring true summer spice into your home, you’ll have to summon the courage and paint a couple of walls in your house with new cheerful colors. Recommended colors are bright blues, warm tones such as orange, yellow, and light red. You can also always go for some patterns to spice things up even more.

2. Sprouse up for New Seasonal Curtains

You can’t keep your old non-summer curtains after you’ve changed up your walls, so keep your gusto and go for a couple of new and fun curtains that give out strong summer vibes.

This may seem like too much work, but before you mentally exhaust yourself, hear us out. All you’ll actually need to do is pick out a summer print fabric which could be anything that gives you the feelings of summer vacation, buy some clip rings, and you will be able to DIY your own new summer curtain with minimal efforts. If you are a little lost on the fabric, any fabric with a tropical or a beachy print, you really can’t go wrong.

3. Wicker Furniture is Your Summer Bestfriend

You have new colorful walls, new fun curtains, now it is time to say goodbye to your quarantine couch, just for the season. Wicker furniture is one item that screams summer.

If you have a patio, you can add a couple of new wicker or wooden chairs, if you don’t, you can always give your balcony or roof a summer makeover. It doesn’t matter how small your patio, balcony, or roof is, as long as you get off your quarantine couch, breath in the fresh air of the outside (your patio or balcony), and sit on a wicker piece of furniture, you’re guaranteed to feel like you just went on a summer vacation. You’d be truly surprised by how different a small change in your surroundings or routine would make you feel.

4. Make Your Home Smell Like Summer

The whole purpose of this summer makeover is to make you feel like you are on a summer vacation even though you haven’t left the house. To achieve that, you can’t ignore any of your senses, your sense of smell is a one you must indulge.

So how can you make your home smell like summer? It is easy, scented candles and air fresheners will get the job done. Go for a couple of new smells that you usually don’t use to give you a sense of change, and make sure you include smells that remind you of summer, could be beachy smells, your favorite tropical fruit, or the smell of the ocean. Whatever scent brings summer to your mind, go for it.

5. Dress for the Occasion

One of everyone’s favorite things about summer vacations is the freeing fun wardrobe. I know what you must be thinking, why would I change out of my Pyjamas if I am not leaving the house. Fair question, but what you may have overlooked is that changing the way you look plays a huge role in how you feel.

So if you stay in your Pyjamas, yet did everything else on our list, you won’t feel as different as when you change from your stay-at-home attire to a breezy summer outfit, such as swimsuits, sundresses, shorts, or basically in anything in bright colors and light fabrics.

6. It is Time to Break Out the Summer Menu

Everything about summer is different and fun, from the weather to the surroundings, and from the wardrobe to the food. Summer foods and drinks are a crucial part of the traditions of summer vacations, for more reasons than one. So if you want to truly feel like you are actually on a summer vacation, eat and drink like you would do if you were on the beach right now.

So bring out the cookbooks, or YouTube channels, and start putting together your very own summer menu. Make sure to go back to all the foods and drinks that you usually like to have while on summer vacation and include them in your menu. Things to consider adding could be ice-pops, smoothies, ice-cream, mini sandwiches, tropical cocktails, smores, and of course, it wouldn’t hurt to arrange a barbeque under the stars on your new and improved patio or roof.

These were just a few examples to get you up and running, but you can always add your own personal flavor to the process. If you have your own tradition or ritual that you usually do on Summer vacations, by all means, add that to the mix and tell us about it. Maybe it will help us as well to switch from quarantine mood to vacation mood.


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