Coronavirus quarantine got you down? These 7 online games will help!

Quarantine has never been so fun!

Now that the Coronavirus pandemic is keeping us all staying inside -for our safety- with this quarantine, staying in the house for long periods of time has started becoming a bit stressful. Therefore, we need to have something fun to do so that we can keep ourselves from growing bored or tiresome.

The thing that does that the most is online intellectual games which not only give you something fun to do during quarantine, they also help distract you a little and take your mind off of these extremely stressful times our planet is going through, which, let’s face it, is necessary to keep our sanity.

This is why we at Yajny has compiled a list for you of the best online games to help you pass this quarantine as smooth as possible.

Quarantine Games:


The first on the list is ‘Catan’ previously known as ‘The Settlers of Catan’. In this game which originated as a board game, the players represent settlers who have to establish colonies on Catan island, building houses, settlements, villages, and roads. The digital version of Catan has the same rules as the board game but can be played online and with a large number of other players, remotely of course, because of quarantine rules. All you have to do is bring your A-game laser-sharp focus to get the job done and be the best of Catan settlers.

Quarantine online games
Catan game

2. Dominion 

‘Dominion’ is like a virtual card game where the player begins with a hand of cards that are worth a certain amount of coins and must be used to purchase more valuable cards. Therefore, this game requires a high level of strategic thinking to get the better cards and outsmart your opponents.

Quarantine online games
Dominion game

3. Ticket to Ride 

Next on our list is the ‘Ticket to Ride’ game which is also developed from a board game. Ticket to ride is a complicated and intelligent game where players challenge each other in who can build the best and most efficient railroad the fastest. It is not your ordinary train game for it takes high levels of strategic thinking, engineering vision, and fast thinking. So it is guaranteed you won’t grow bored playing it.

Quarantine online games
Ticket to Ride game

4. Monopoly

The next game is a classic, one that doesn’t need much introduction, it is one and old, Monopoly. Monopoly for those who don’t know is an 85-year old board game turned recently into a digital version where the players roll the dice to take their turns moving around the virtual game board, buying and trading properties and collecting rent from their opponents. The goal of the game is to monopolize the properties on the game board, leading your opponents into bankruptcy, and therefore, losing the game entirely. The victory in Monopoly doesn’t come easy and takes time and focus, which is what makes it perfect for killing time during this quarantine.

Quarantine online games
Monopoly game

5. Words with Friends

The next game is for all smart gamers out there who like to be intellectually challenged, it is Words with Friends. Words with Friends is a word game where players take turns building words crossword-puzzle style to form certain phrases. If you are a fan of the classic board game Scrabble, the Words with Friends will, for sure, come naturally to you.

Quarantine online games
Words with Friends game

6. Solitaire 

Next on our list is another true oldie but goldie, a game that probably every single one of us played at one point in time, it is Solitaire. The reason the classic card game takes a place in our list is that it has proven itself to truly stand the test of time for it has remained entertaining and challenging over the decades it has been around. Solitaire is perfect for a night alone in the house detached from all outer worries and crisis, which makes it kind of ideal to help get your mind off of this whole Coronavirus pandemic we are all struggling through.

Solitaire card game

7. Pandemic  

Speaking of pandemics, we can’t make a list of games to play during this Coronavirus pandemic-caused quarantine without adding the game, Pandemic. Pandemic is a game that simulates the current reality we are living, as it is about a case of a pandemic spread of deadly diseases which players work hard to control and find their cures before they take over the planet.

Quarantine online games
Pandemic game

Now that you’ve got your lies, what are you waiting for, get online and let those brain juices flow. Happy quarantine, people, let’s all hope it is the last one. 



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