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Going Back to Work? Here is your ‘Anti-Coronavirus’ Safety Kit Essentials and Where to Find Them!

The Coronavirus pandemic has done all types of drastic changes to our lives. It has quarantined us in our homes for weeks, and even months. Having been under lockdown, a lot of businesses shut down temporarily to help protect their employees from being infected with Covid-19.

However, now that the world has gained a bit more knowledge on the necessary precautions that need to be taken to prevent Coronavirus infections, a lot of companies and businesses are opening back up and calling their employees back to the office.

Therefore, some precautionary measures are in order. If you are going back to work during this Coronavirus pandemic, there are certain safety measures that you need to take to help keep yourself and those around you out of harm’s way. Needless to say, social distancing is an absolute must from the second you step out of your home to the second you come back. That being said, it is enough on its own to keep you safe. To be fully prepared, you need to assemble your very own ‘anti-coronavirus- safety kit’. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what your safety kit should include and where you can get them from.

Anti-Coronavirus safety kit essentials:

1. Surgical face masks

This is your number one priority while interacting with the outside world. So make sure to not only wear one before you leave the house but to also bring along a few extra masks to change mask during the workday. The average disposable surgical masks should be changed every 3-8 hours depending on your usage.

It is best to purchase your needs of disposable surgical masks online to prevent unnecessary trips to crowded places. You can order them online from Noon.com at an even lower price than average thanks to the Noon coupons and Noon cashback service Yajny exclusively offers.

2. Disposable Protective Gloves

Another essential in the safety kit is a pair (or more) of disposable protective gloves to help protect you from being in direct contact with contaminated surfaces.
However, while wearing gloves, make sure you do not touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth to prevent Coronavirus infection.
Disposable latex gloves like those worn by surgeons are highly recommended as they are made with high-quality material that is flexible, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. You can easily find them AliExpress where you can get them cheaper than your average store if you use the AliExpress cashback service Yajny offers.

3. Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have become everyone’s best friends recently, that’s for sure. And if you are going back to work, your relationship with your hand sanitizer is about to get a lot stronger. Your alcohol-based hand sanitizer, gel, or disinfectant must be on you at all times no matter what. It is essential to ensuring your hand is clean, germs-free, and viruses-free, and therefore, ensure your safety and protection from the dangerous Covid-19 virus.

As we all probably know, for your hand sanitizer to do its desired job, it must contain at least 70% pure alcohol. So while shopping for hand sanitizers, make sure to carefully check out the ingredients and their percentage. Because some people have highly sensitive noses and are easily bothered by the strong smell of alcohol, you can buy scented hand sanitizers to give you both protection and a nice smell as well. Bath & Body Works offer the best variety of scented hand sanitizer, and luckily, you can order yours online through Yajny.com and enjoy huge price discounts thanks to Bath & Body Works cashback and coupons available on Yajny.

4. Personal Hand Wash or Soap

You might think that carrying a hand sanitizer is enough. However, you can never be too careful. So aside from disinfecting your hand as much as possible throughout the day, it is also essential that you wash your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds every chance you get.

The hand wash you choose to get can’t be just any regular hand wash. You must choose an anti-bacterial and anti-germs hand wash to help disinfect your hands and keep them clean and corona-free. Hand washes are available at a lot of different online stores in different brands and types. You can find one of the biggest collections on Souq.com where you can shop more affordably thanks to the Souq cashback service and coupons Yajny offers you.

5. Private personal items

Make sure everything you use or touch is your own and not communal property. So bring with you from home everything you may need to use at work, such as a hand & face towel, a mug, a prayer rug, a tissue box, and so on. This way, you can minimize the risk of being in contact with contaminated unsanitary surfaces, therefore, minimizing the risk of infection.

Now, we can’t say getting adjusted to this new way of life will be easy, however, it is necessary. Because when you take every necessary precaution, you are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting your colleagues, family members, and essentially your entire community. So make sure practice all hygienic precautions measures strictly if you really wish to see life go back to how it was.

Stay Safe, Everyone!

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