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7 Back to School Tips for Parents and Children

The new school year means new friends, teachers, clothes, and classrooms. It’s normal for kids (and their parents) to feel anxious about returning to school. Here are some simple Back to School Tips for Parents and Children to ease the transition from vacation-mode to school-mode.

Whatever their age, many kids are apprehensive about starting school or going back to school. The good news is there’s a lot you can do to ease their minds and help them get ready for a new school year.

1. Getting up and going to bed early is not that easy.

It will take some time to get back into a school sleep routine. Get your child in the habit of going to bed early a few weeks before school starts. Bath time and reading before bed might help your kid calm.

2. Get back into a routine.

It is critical for children to have a consistent schedule. The steps in the programme should be written down and practised with your child. This might involve homework, playtime, cleaning their teeth, taking a bath, and reading before bed in the evening.

3. Encourage self-reliance.

Children who take an active role in back-to-school preparations, such as selecting and arranging school supplies and new clothes, are more likely to be pleased about returning to school, which reduces their anxiety. Is your child old enough to help with household duties such as emptying the dishwasher or preparing lunches? Your kid will acquire independence and confidence by doing age-appropriate chores on a daily basis.

4.Selecting the Right Backpack

Muscle strain, headaches, and neck discomfort can all be caused by backpacks that are excessively heavy or worn incorrectly. Choose a backpack with broad, cushioned straps that will support your child’s shoulders and is constructed of a strong, lightweight fabric. Make sure they don’t just sling it over one shoulder.

5. Talk about safety

Review outdoor safety guidelines, such as looking both ways before crossing the street, travelling the same route every day if possible, learning crosswalk laws, and being careful when speaking to strangers.

6. Limit screen time

Back to school is the ideal moment to reintroduce screen time limitations. Why not have the entire family “unplug” before going to bed? Choose a location where everyone’s gadgets may be charged overnight. To get up in the mornings, use an alarm clock rather than a cellphone.

7. Tell Them about first-week butterflies!

Assist your kid in understanding that being apprehensive is normal, especially for teachers. Allowing your kid to voice their worries might help them cope with these feelings. Perhaps you can share memories of your own first-day nerves as a youngster.

  • To soothe their anxieties, teach them to breathe deeply and gently.
  • Talk about the circumstances that make people nervous. Help them develop a strategy and practise it so they know what to do on the first day, for example, if they’re anxious about who to sit with or chat to.

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