Activities for Kids During Ramadan 2021

Struggling to keep your kids excited and busy during Ramadan, here’s a blog that will give you some ideas for great activities for children to do during Ramadan 2021 to help get them involved in Ramadan and make the holy month special for children and family more than ever.

  • Hold a family meeting about the virtues of the blessed month of Ramadan

A few days before the start of the month, hold a family meeting to explain what the blessed month of Ramadan is, just as the sighting of the crescent indicates its beginning, what we do as Muslims and how the family schedule will change. Also, ask for suggestions of what everyone would like to do during the month. For example, do they want to go on a trip somewhere, eat a certain type of food, etc.

  • Welcome the month with festive balloons and decorations

Spread the “Ramadan Mubarak” vibes everywhere with festive balloons, adorable banners and colorful decorations. Ask children to help decorate the place while giving them the opportunity to say their suggestions about the celebration so that they feel they are part of the event.

  • Tell Ramadan stories before bed every night

Don’t just rely on Ramadan children’s books. You can tell your kids about what Ramadan was like when you were a kid. You can also create stories in which your child will be the main character of Ramadan’s adventures!

  • Let the children fast till Al-Zuhr

Children often want to fast as they see their parents and older siblings do. This year, let them fast for a few hours, and prepare a special “Iftar” of their favorite food for them.

  • Make cards for them to celebrate Ramadan with schoolmates

Get permission from the school teacher to prepare bags that include cards written on which Ramadan Kareem for your kids’ classmates, and fill the bags with sweets and small cards that explain in two or three sentences the virtues of Ramadan, and have your child give the bags to his classmates.

  • Create Ramadan arts and crafts at home

Art is a great way to celebrate Ramadan. Have the kids make drawings of the phases of the moon and show which ones indicate the beginning of the month, which ones mark the middle of the month, etc. They can also make collages of some of their favorite foods and use them to make Ramadan tablecloths for the dining table.

  • Take a family trip to see the crescent

Take the kids in the car to where people gather in the city to see the crescent moon of Ramadan, and do the same at the end of the month, and you can bring a binoculars for a better experience.

  • Invite their friends for Iftar

Let your kids bring up a menu for guests and also get involved with preparing some foods. You can choose some kid-friendly recipes or they can help prepare Iftar portions that don’t require the use of the cook or cutting with knives.

  • Invite grandparents or elderly people for Iftar and to tell stories about Ramadan

After everyone has eaten, hold a storytelling session where guests describe what Ramadan was like when they were young, such as how to announce iftar time using drums in some countries, and in others with a verbal announcement over a loudspeaker, and more stories about the favorite types of food and games that they used to play in the blessed month.

  • Make a Ramadan scrapbook this year

Take lots of pictures for everyone during the Suhur (now this is fun)! And during Iftar as well, and use Ramadan drawings and stickers, etc. to make a scrapbook about Ramadan for this year.

  • Remember the poor

Arrange volunteer activities and make food with the children to feed the poor and needy and children like them who suffer from hunger.

  • Create and send handmade Ramadan cards

Before the month starts, hold an arts and crafts session to make “Ramadan Mubarak” cards for siblings, grandparents and relatives, and send the cards soon before time runs out!

  • Play Ramadan songs

While the children are playing or participating in some fun activities, play some nostalgic Ramadan songs for them to enjoy the festive vibes.

  • Take the children to Tarawih prayers

Nothing teaches the spirit of congregation like group prayer. Take the children with you to the mosque for Tarawih prayers, and ask them to also bring some of their allowances to donate while they are in the mosque.

If you have any other suggestions about things kids can do during Ramadan, share them with us in the comments. Ramadan Mubarak!

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