How Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi is Celebrated Differently in Arab Countries

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With loud songs, vibrant colors, buzzing tambourines, and spiritual feelings flying in the sky of all Islamic countries, Muslims all over are getting ready to celebrate the holiday of Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi which is the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday -peace be upon him-. Muslims around the world celebrate this holy occasion in ways, although may differ, are still similar in the spirit and atmosphere of tranquility and peace between the echoes of tambourines and praises.

The rituals differ between a Muslim country and another in celebrating the Prophet’s birthday ‘Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi’. However, you can always see and feel the festive spirits in all of these countries alike, even without being physically there, you can still see it through social media.

Special Foods

On this occasion, most Muslims celebrate with special foods commemorating the Prophet’s Birthday. These foods are more often than not a spread of special sweets with each country’s own individual flavor and twist.

In Tunisia, a dessert called ‘Asida Al-Zaqoqo’ is prepared. It consists of ground pine nuts decorated with a layer of cream, dry fruits, and special colorful sweets.

In Algeria and in some other surrounding parts, Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi is celebrated by preparing a dessert called ‘Al-Tamina’, a traditional dessert made of semolina, honey, and butter.

While the Iraqis celebrate with a different dessert called ‘Al-Zarda’, and it is made of rice, sugar, rose water, and cardamom, and is decorated with cinnamon.

In Egypt on the other hand, Egyptians celebrate with traditional Egyptian sweets they call ‘Halawet Al-Mawlid’ which comes in various shapes and types, but the most famously and traditionally seen on this occasion are ‘Aroset Al-Mawlid’ and ‘Hosan Al-Mawlid which are basically decorative doll and horse figurines made from sugar.

Meanwhile, some Muslims celebrate by preparing foods that are not sweet to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday. Like Indonesia for example, where traditional curries are prepared in large quantities and distributed to the public.

Praises and Sufi music

In the Islamic world, Muslims commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad ‘Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi’, with praise, which is usually performed on tambourines. Dhikr and praise ceremonies and circles are organized, in which Muslims gather around to list all of Prophet Muhammed’s -peace be upon him- holy qualities and strengths while asking for his intercession and expressing their longing for his vision. These groups usually meet in circles and usually recite the Prophet’s biography.

Candles and torches are also lit at night, while the places of worship are decorated with lights while the name of God and Prophet Muhammed are praised and chanted.

Markets Buzzing during Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi’s season

Muslim celebrations of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad ‘Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi’, are filled with joy that is enhanced by decorations and colors, and the celebratory rituals that take place in most markets and squares end up morphing into beautiful festive live paintings. The Prophet’s birthday is also an opportunity for communication and gathering between families and loved ones around tables and in public and private gatherings.

A lot of businesses are also especially active around the time of the Prophet’s birthday, as sweets and special dishes are in special demand during that season. Also, tambourines, decorations, traditional clothes, and other symbolic items that take place in the traditional festivities of this season are usually sold around that time of year.

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Seeing how this holiday is an official vacation day in many countries of the Islamic world, family and public gatherings are usually a common sight on that day. Another demonstration of the festivities of this holy holiday is that Muslims celebrate by wearing abayas and other traditional Islamic attires, both in their homes and outside.

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Happy Mawlid Nabawi, Everyone!

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