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6 guaranteed ways to stay sunburn-free all summer long!

Summer is almost here and it is time to get our skin prepped and ready for the summer heat and burning sunlight. If you have sensitive skin, or not, it can be quite hard to enjoy a beach day on a hot summer day without worrying about getting sunburns on your skin. This is why a lot of people play it safe and stay indoors for as long as possible during the daytime.

However, that’s not a way to enjoy the summer. This is why, we -at Yajny- are here to let you know exactly what you should do to enjoy a worry-free summer but keep your skin smooth and sunburnt-free.

1. Cold Water

protect your skin from sunburns

You know that feeling when you rush from the beach to take a cool bath or a cold shower, well, there is a reason for that. Cold water is a natural coolant, it calms the irritation of the skin caused by direct sun exposure. Applying ice on an irritated or inflamed skin can also work wonders with sunburns.

2. Avoiding Direct Sunlight

protect your skin from sunburns

It could be quite difficult to give up your under-the-sun tan session, but if you have sensitive skin, it might be the right thing to do. You can still relax and lay on the beach, but try to do so under the cool shade of an umbrella to avoid the harmful rays of direct sunlight.

3. Hydration

protect your skin from sunburns

Hydrate your skin on a regular basis by applying a cooling moisturizer suitable for sensitive and sunburnt skin. Moisturizing provides a protective layer on top of your sunburnt skin, and thus, enables it to resist irritation and inflammation.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

protect your skin from sunburns

Aloe Vera gel is one of the most efficient natural coolants out there and has actually become the hottest trend in the world of skincare. This is because Aloe Vera has the ability to cool off any irritation and absorb any redness caused by sun exposure and has zero side effects because it is a natural plant that has no chemicals or cortisone, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

5. Tea and Mint

protect your skin from sunburns

Make a pot of fresh tea and wait for it to cool, then soak it in a clean face cloth and apply it to the areas of your skin that got sunburnt. The Tannic acid in the black tea helps withdraw the heat out of the irritated skin and balance out the skin’s acidity level. You also add some mint to the tea for an extra cooling effect.

6. Sunscreens and Protective skincare products

Having mentioned all the natural precautions you could do, we can’t look past the important element in protecting our skin from sunburns, Sunscreen and sunblock lotions and creams. While most of the previously mentioned methods do help a great deal in keeping your skin sunburns-free all summer. That would never be achieved if you go out in the sun without applying your sunscreen first because it is the strongest soldier in your skin’s war against sunburns. This is why it is the first thing on anyone’s summer shopping list. However, trusted sunscreens can be quite pricey, on the other hand, if you cheapen out on your sunscreen, it won’t do its job and you’ll end up with sunburnt skin.

To help you solve this difficult equation, Yajny has brought you a list of the best sunscreens in the market, and a way to buy them at a much cheaper price.

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The best sunscreens and their Souq.com prices

  • Luna: 125 EGP on Souq.com

protect your skin from sunburns

Luna has quite a large collection of sunscreens and summer products including tanning oils. Luna has started to steal the spotlight over the past few years thanks to its affordable prices considering its highly competitive quality.

  • Eva: 100 EGP on Souq.com

protect your skin from sunburns

Eva is also one of the up and coming skincare brands currently. Lately, Eva’s products, especially sunscreens and summer products have started to compete with most high-end skincare brands for the versatility and quality of its products and fairly affordable prices.

  • Bobai: 95 EGP on Souq.com

protect your skin from sunburns

Despite being quite new, Bobai has shortly become the talk of the town, and rightfully so. Bobai sunscreen gives you SPF 80 protection and is suitable to fit all skin types, including sensitive skin thanks to its lightweight. That’s not all, Bibai’s prices are incredibly competitive as most people can’t believe its price considering its quality.

  • Glix: 175 EGP + a free pack on Souq.com

protect your skin from sunburns

Pharmix’s Glix is an Egyptian manufactured sunscreen with a quality that competes with international brands. Glix is also very easily applicable so you won’t find it a hassle to reapply it on the beach, even if you are alone.

Now, you are ready to have a great, sunburnt-free summer. All that is left to do is to ENJOY!



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