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5 Cosmetics for daily summer care at special prices on Yajny app

Undoubtedly, every girl or woman has a summer bag that is indispensable throughout the summer period, especially in areas with hot nature, which puts the skin and hair in daily need of moisturizing and nourishing. 

This, of course, needs high-quality, reliable, and tested products by large numbers of users, So we did a quick survey on our top stores that have distinct sections for skin care, hair, and beauty products in general, which include:

  • Moisturizing Creams

It is preferably from natural materials containing antioxidants such as green tea, chamomile, pomegranate, olive oil, and shea butter. It is also preferable to have alpha hydroxy acid, which maintains youthful skin, and hyaluronic acid, which protects the skin from dehydration; finally, it should be free of synthetic oils and has a high protection factor from sun damage.

Best way to use:

Clean and wash your face with lotion, then put an appropriate amount well distributed over the skin, and repeat this process once in the morning and once in the evening.

Offers and discounts from Yajny stores for high-quality moisturizing creams:

Amazon Egypt

You will find the essence of global moisturizing creams on Amazon Egypt. You can get them at exceptional prices if you shop on Amazon Egypt from the Yajny application and activate Amazon discount codes exceeding 30%. In addition, Amazon Egypt’s cashback offers to reach 7% before shopping.

Noon KSA

Noon KSA provides a beautiful set of summer refreshments that you can get with double discounts if you shop through the Yajny app and activate Noon KSA Arabia discount codes and cashback offers before starting shopping.


Banggood is distinguished by providing moisturizing products for each skin area, including the hand, under the eyes, the face, the lips, etc. So you will find what precisely suits your needs, and do not forget to shop through the Yajny application and activate the Banggood discount codes and Banggood cashback offers that reach 6.5%.

  • Nourishing hair masks

Your hair may be more damaged, especially in the summer when it is exposed to dry air, water, or heat from electric styling tools. This causes hair damage and leads it to breakage and become brittle, thus needs daily care and moisturizing, so be sure to buy hair products that contain glycerin as part of their ingredients. 

It acts as heat protection, balances the pH levels in the scalp, and helps reduce dandruff.

Best way to use:

Apply the appropriate amount and wipe your hair with it

Start with the front of the hair to the ends, and take good care of the ends, as they are more prone to damage.

You can use a brush to distribute the lotion well.

Leave the preparation for at least 10 minutes.

Offers and discounts from Yajny stores for high-quality hair masks:


AliExpress contains a large variety of hair masks that appear to you as soon as you type in the search box. Get the most luxurious hair care products at an exceptional price by shopping through the Yajny application and activating AliExpress discount codes and cashback offers of up to 3.5%.


Jumia provides the most delicate hair masks in the health and beauty category. You can get them at special and discounted prices only when you shop on Jumia through the Yajny application and activate Jumia discount codes, coupons, and Jumia cashback offers of up to 4.5%.

  • Fresh summer fragrances

You can distinguish between summer and winter perfumes from concentration, as winter perfumes always have a stronger focus, and you may feel the touch of oils in them compared to any summer perfume.

The best way to use:

Put it on the pulse places, behind the ears, on the top of the chest, at the wrists, and behind the knees. 

A little can be sprayed on your hair. Still, it is not preferable to overdo it because the high temperature helps the perfume spread faster and evaporates quickly, leaving only the bottom layer directly in contact with the skin, which is the strongest.

It is preferable to keep perfume away from your skin in case of exposure to the sun, as it may leave redness or annoying spots that are difficult to get rid of.

It is also preferable not to spray in places with high temperatures and humidity.

And if you want the summer fragrance to last as long as possible without being affected by sweat, buy perfumes accompanied by a perfumed body cream, as the cream helps maintain the aromatic smell for the most extended period.

Offers and discounts from Yajny stores for refreshing summer fragrances

Bath and Body Works KSA

Bath and Body Works KSA offers a beautiful collection of summer care perfumes that provides hydration and softness and guarantees an exciting aroma throughout the day. You can now get the best Bath and Body products by shopping through the Yajny app and enjoy huge discounts by activating Bath and Body Works KSA discount coupons and cashback offers of up to 10%.

  • Pressed face powder

Summer always makes your skin greasy and shiny, so powder is an essential ingredient for makeup lovers and people with oily skin to provide them with sheer coverage all day long and maintain the appearance of the skin and protect it from excess oil.

The best way to use:

Start with the cheeks, forehead, and around the nose, and then gently blend outwards and upwards for a subtle finish.

Yajny store offers and discounts available in pressed face powder

Noon Egypt

Noon has many types of face powder belonging to different brands. Get the best types of healthy mix face powder at a significantly reduced price and discounts exceeding 50% by activating Noon Egypt discount codes and coupons and benefit from cashback offers in every shopping transaction.


The best local and international face powder types are now available on Jumia. Get them at the lowest prices by shopping through Yajny and activating Jumia discount codes and Jumia cashback offers.


Amazon Egypt and Amazon KSA have great face powder sets at different prices. You will find the right price for you and get a special discount through the Yajny app by activating Amazon coupons, discount codes, and cashback offers.

  • Hand care routine

The daily routine of the hands is essential, especially in the summer, to avoid dehydration or excessive sweating, which causes embarrassment, so we recommend using particular types of soap that help in daily moisturizing as you enjoy them free of germs and bacteria. Soft and supple.

The best hand routine

Keeping hands clean after cleaning work or when preparing food using particular types of soap to maintain a smooth texture.

Hands need to exfoliate dead cells to increase the activity of the skin and refresh it through exfoliating creams with natural materials.

Finally, moisturize and whiten the hands through moisturizing and lightening creams, but make sure that the natural creams are free of preservatives, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Yajny store offers and discounts for hand care sets

Amazon KSA

Unique sets for daily hand care with shea butter and collagen are available on Amazon KSA. You can get them at special prices only if you shop through the Yajny app and activate Amazon KSA discount coupons and cashback offers of up to 4.5%.

Enjoy a calm and refreshing summer full of vitality and activity and more daily summer care methods only through Yajny offers and discounts on your favorite shopping stores. Download the Yajny app now and create your account to receive all updates of offers and discount coupons.

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