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Pregnancy Fashion Hacks: 5 steps to make your regular clothes work as maternity clothes!

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What does the good news say? are you pregnant? Cool, congratulations! Welcome to the suffering that deserves the consequences of the arrival of a new baby, the gift of heaven is the most precious thing you will have!

Do you still not need maternity clothes that will announce that you are pregnant when you may not want to let everyone know yet?

Is your waistband swinging and your belly a little flat? and now what? Pregnancy clothes ?, We can say that it is in a hurry and in light of the enthusiasm for the new situation to get maternity clothes suitable for the eighth or ninth month, but also if you buy clothes for the early months of pregnancy and spend a lot of your money, what will it be? The things that you will buy in the first trimester will likely become useless to wear in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, and if you buy the last months clothes as mentioned, they will not really fit you in the first trimester. She will look big, baggy and have an elegant style.

Instead, save your money with these five simple steps to expanding your non-maternity wardrobe – through your third trimester:

First Step: Do a thorough closet inventory

Believe us, you have things in there that will definitely help you. Maybe some pants that are a little oversized, or a loosely fitted sweater. Or maybe a low-rise dress, some super-stretch low waist jeans that go perfectly beneath your new baby bump while pairing it with a flowy long jacket. Sounds comfy and stylish enough, ha?

Try everything, look for long shirts that cover the waist, cloth belts dresses, fitted shirts without buttons, and then throw on an oversized jacket or sweater. Basically, anything that doesn’t have a very defined waist is baby bump approved, go for it!

Step two: Focus on shirts and dresses

Shirts and dresses tend to cause less pressure to pregnant bodies in the first trimester, so wear long shirts with the appropriate pants, or basically, any flowy dress long or short.

In case your closet happened to disappoint and couldn’t cover your needs during the first trimester

Mothercare and Nisnass stores have your complete needs of shirts, dresses and pants. If your wardrobe could not meet your needs during the first trimester of pregnancy, enjoy exclusive Yajoon offers for cashback and Mothercare discount coupon to save on your purchases with great discounts, as well as equally cashback and Nisnass discount coupon So you can get all your needs at reasonable prices.

To relieve any bloating, you can spend some money buying the Bella Band. And it’s an ultra-stretchy shirt that you can wear over a loose-fitting waistband to help (kind of) lift your pants and hide the fact that your waistband is misaligned. And although it does require a little bit of modification now and then, it is very useful. Can I just wear a super-stretchy top? Yes, go ahead!

Step 3: Stretch your bras before replacing them

The chest area will not have one big growth spurt early on, you will notice a lot of changes throughout your pregnancy and then again after birth. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money on bras that you will wear for a month and then will never be worn again, so you need to be very selective about when to buy a new bra that is inevitable during pregnancy.

As a general rule: Upgrade bras when spilled, but extend them when the strap is very small. You can buy bra extensions from maternity stores such as Mothercare and Nisnass very cheaply with reap offers. Or if you are the skilled type, you can make it yourself. Find an old bra that you no longer need and cut the hook. Then sew the hook portion tightly and securely to the back of the eye row. Use the hooks on the eyes of the bra you want to extend, then tie it snugly. This is all!

Step 4: Adjust your waistband and shirts

Make a small cut in the waistband to adjust the size, and trim around the armpits for a shirt. When your body changes drastically overnight, you don’t need to be afraid of just starting to use scissors and spending some time letting your clothes breathe, which is a cheaper and more replaceable option.

Of course, you don’t want your pants to fall off, and you don’t want your shirt to show unwanted details. So run an elastic hair band (or elastic band, for a longer extension) through whatever button you want to leave. It’s a trick to using non-maternity jeans, pick out low rise, stretchy jeans, they’ll go perfectly.

For dress pants with a hook, attach a safety pin to each side, then close it around a small hair band. Sometimes all you really need is an inch or two extra, especially for low-rise or high-rise pants that don’t define the bulk of your tummy area.

Fifth step: There is no law that says you have to drain your money

The word “motherhood” in and of itself requires a huge price premium and some hassle, but if you are during the first trimester of pregnancy, you will save more money in the long run by finding options for using what is in your closet. Our friend Aliaa from Kuwait says, “With my first pregnancy, I refused to listen to this advice, considering it very logical to buy maternity items right away because I would need them anyway. Why don’t I get the most of it? Well, so what fashion was (sort of) appropriate in the first trimester of pregnancy was a mistake for me by the end of the second and third trimesters, as I still have a few very expensive maternity gowns that are no longer useful in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. ”

You cannot always predict how your pregnancy will progress and your outward appearance based on it, so it is best to take a deep breath and acknowledge that you may need to buy maternity clothes only for the last two months by following our previous tricks, and if there is no alternative then Mothercare and Nisnass offers via Yajni is your choice. Wonderful!

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