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12 full-proof ways to make your small apartment feel a lot bigger!

Have you noticed that modern living spaces or apartments seem to be getting smaller and smaller each year? Could it be because large apartments are just not that affordable anymore? Either way, it seems now that most of us find ourselves living in a small apartment with small rooms. This can be a downer on your lifestyle, especially if you used to live in a wide large space.

However, what you may not know is that there is a way to get around it and make your small room feel a whole lot bigger. Actually, there are 12 different ways! So, let’s find them out together:

1. Get rid of the mess

No matter how big your place is, the mess will always make it feel smaller, let alone when it is already small! And what causes said mess? Letting unnecessary items take up your already limited space. So make an inventory, and throw out everything you don’t need or use. You’ll be surprised by how much bigger the place will look afterward.

2. Organize right!

Now that you have gotten rid of the mess, time to organize the rest of your stuff. Try to come up with a storing and organizing system that spares you extra ground space. For that, you could use shelves, hangers, hooks, and more organizing tools to help you keep more corners and ground space empty, and thus, help make the room feel a lot bigger.

3. Use multi-purpose furniture

There is a reason why multi-purpose furniture is the best friend of everyone with a small apartment and that it can do the job of two things but occupy the place of one. For example, a bed with drawers under it can be used for both sleeping and storing, a foldable dining table takes almost no space when folded but gives you extra space to eat on at dinner time.

These and more practical multi-purpose furniture pieces help you make the most out of your confined space without making it feel too confined.

4. Use the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors

Placing some shelves on the inside of the doors of your kitchen cabinet can almost double your storage space. You can use these shelves to store all the things you usually don’t find a place for, such as spices containers, utensils, kitchen towels, and so on.

And if you can place deeper shelves, you could use them to store even bigger stuff, like pots, grocery, cleaning tools, and/or anything that’s occupying unnecessary space. There isn’t anything that can’t be hidden behind closed doors.

5. Watch out for colors

Painting the walls of your small room with a dark color can and will make it feel even smaller and more confined because dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting it. Therefore, a small room needs light walls and a light floor to give the illusion of open large space.

However, light colors don’t necessarily mean boring white paint, on the contrary, you could use bright colors, patterns, or even artistic wallpaper to make the room pop. Just as long as the walls, ceiling, and floor come together to make the room feel wider and airier.

6. Take full advantage your walls

Your walls are good for more than hanging paintings or pictures. Hang some shelves or cabinets on your walls to create extra storage space.

You can also place a few hooks next to your door which you can use to hang the stuff you don’t have a place for or always lose, such as your keys, wallet, and other essentials.

 7. Keep it clean

The last thing a small apartment needs is to be dirty. Actually, the last thing any space needs is to be dirty, most of all small confined spaces. So, create a cleaning schedule to help you keep your apartment always clean without feeling too overwhelmed.

If you are apartment is clean, you will automatically feel better about it regardless of how small it is. On the plus size, a small apartment is easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about wearing yourself out cleaning.

8. Put away the things you don’t regularly use

We all have stuff we don’t use on a regular basis but still want to keep. That’s fine, you could still keep them as long as you store them away to make room for more essential stuff.

So dedicate a small closet or storage space to store away all the stuff you don’t use often but still need to keep.

9. Divide your stuff according to your space

If you live in a small apartment, every piece of furniture counts, you have to have just what you need and not a piece more. So if you have any secondary or unnecessary pieces around your house, try to get rid of them by selling them or donating them to charity.

Draw a precise map clarifying the exact location where every piece of furniture should go, from the living room couch to the wall art in your entrance.

10. Leave no space unused

You might think that your house is completely stuffed or that you are our of space when there are still some spaces left unused. For example, the refrigerator door is a perfectly good place to put some magnetic hooks where you can hang utensils or big spatulas. You can also use the space behind the couch to store your foldable chairs or place some storing shelves.

You would be surprised by how many seemingly useless spaces can turn out to be useful once you think outside the box.

11. Bring down walls

If you have the choice, try to bring down some walls to create more space. No matter how small your place is, it will feel so much bigger and more open if you bring down just one unnecessary wall.

12. Use mirrors

Putting mirrors on walls and closets creates the illusion of a wide and open space because it makes seem as though the space has been doubled. So try placing mirrors in as many places as possible around your house, it will make a huge difference.

And there you go, you are now ready to upgrade your small apartment to a much bigger one, without having to move at all! Isn’t that the dream?!

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